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Letters to the Editor about the Santa Monica Lootings of May 31, 2020

I am woefully disappointed in what we saw yesterday..for hours our police force stood in stark formation confronting and protecting the mostly peaceful protesters on Ocean Ave and the Pier.

This was good but only a few blocks away downtown Santa Monica was being ravished, looted and destroyed with not a policeman in sight, nor a fire hose as deterrent..locally businesses were destroyed and owners left with nothing. All this was going on on national tv much to our disgrace..all said "Where are the cops?"

Even after the curfew as the looting continued when most of the protesters were dispersing, cars were set on fire and the perpetrators stood on the cars mockingly taking police or fire in sight seems as a community we were very unprepared or trained for this event..please review your practices and training so that will not be repeated..Thank you--Judy Sher, Santa Monica.


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