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By Samuel Alioto
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120 Santa Monica Businesses Looted in the George Floyd Riots

Meanwhile, Santa Monica Police make 438 arrests of Looters Sunday night.


Leonard Brophy

A group of demonstrators confront LA County Sheriffs deputies in Santa Monica

Approximately 120 Santa Monica businesses were looted or broken into, the evening of Saturday, May 28th. This list of 81 looted businesses in Santa Monica is incomplete.

After the 1992 Rodney King riots, looted stores were rebuilt rather quickly on the Westside. The real estate is much more valuable than the inventory, and it won’t sit idle for long. Anyway, here is the list:

1. 7-11 (Wilshire)

2. Adidas (3rd)

3. Anthropologie (3rd)

4. AT&T (Wilshire)

5. Autozone

6. Bay Cities (Broadway)

7. Bevmo (Wilshire)

8. Big 5 (Wilshire)

9. Big Jo's (Broadway)

10. Bloomingdale's (Broadway / 3rd)

11. Blue Daisy (Broadway)

12. Brandy Melville (3rd)

13. Broadway Wine & Spirits (Broadway)

14. Cash for Gold (Lincoln / Cedar)

15. Central Compounding Pharmacy (Wilshire)

16. Chase Bank (4th)

17. Chevron (Wilshire)

18. Citi Bank (Wilshire)

19. Coffee Bean (2nd / Broadway)

20. CoolKicks (3rd)

21. Co-Opportunity Market (Broadway)

22. CVS (Lincoln)

23. CVS (Main)

24. CVS (Wilshire)

25. Dash Run Studio (Lincoln / Wilshire)

26. Dianese (Lincoln)

27. DrugTown (Montana/7th)

28. Bay Cities (Broadway)

29. Fisher Hardware & Lumber (Lincoln)

30. Flight 23 (3rd)

31. Foot Action (3rd)

32. Gap (3rd)

33. Gap (Wilshire / 20th)

34. Gelsons

35. Goodwill (Santa Monica)

36. Hayk's Smoke Shop (Wilshire)

37. Hi-De-Ho Comics (Broadway)

38. Jamba Juice (4th)

39. Jewelry On 7th (7th / Broadway)

40. Les Miller, optometry

41. Lincoln Barbers (Lincoln)

42. Magicopolis (4th)

43. Massage Garden (Main)

44. New Balance (26th)

45. Nike (3rd)

46. Patagonia (4th)

47. Pharmica (Montana)

48. Pottery Barn (4th)

49. REI (4th / Santa Monica)

50. Rite Aid (Wilshire)

51. Sake House (Santa Monica / 4th)

52. Salon Tru (Santa Monica)

53. Salvation Army

54. Sand n Surf (Broadway / 2nd)

55. Santa Monica Car Sound & Window Tinting (Santa Monica)

56. Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy (Broadway)

57. Santa Monica Jewelry and Loan (4th)

58. Santa Monica Music Center (Santa Monica)

59. Sherwin Wiliams (Pico/Lincoln)

60. Shoe Palace (2nd / Santa Monica)

61. Solidarity (Lincoln)

62. Starbucks (11th)

63. Subway (Wilshire/Euclid)

64. Sunnin (Wilshire)

65. Sunny Optometry

66. T-Mobile (3rd)

67. Tar & Roses (Santa Monica)

68. Target (Santa Monica)

69. Training Mate (Lincoln)

70. Ulta (Wilshire)

71. Umami Burger (Broadway)


"Last night there were approximately 438 arrests. Charges include looting, assault with a deadly weapon, assault on an officer & curfew violations. The safety of #SantaMonica is our top priority. We thank you for staying home and abiding by today's 130pm curfew orders." SMPD Tweet

72. Undefeated (Main)

73. UPS Store (5th)

74. Van's (Broadway / 4th)

75. Verizon (Main)

76. Vons (Wilshire / Euclid)

77. Vons (Lincoln / Broadway)

78. Walgreens (Lincoln?)

79. Wasteland (4th)

80. Wexler's Deli (Santa Monica)

81. Wonders of the World (Lincoln / Broadway)


Reader Comments(2)

JoeSmedlap writes:

Wow, 175 stores looted in Santa Monica and nobody can bother to post on it. I guess this is a clear endorsement for looting by the people of santa monica

aznyvonne writes:

santa monica city has failed us, i am declaring to request all the store owners to get together and proceed to sue them.


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