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Even During Covid, You Could Land an Internship in California With #Salesforce, #Google, or #Uber

How to Get an Uber Internship and What It's Like to Work for the Company

If you dream of innovating and working in Silicon Valley, one of the best ways to get there is an Uber internship. Along with other San Francisco-based startups like Salesforce and Google, Uber is one of the best companies to work for. Whether you're studying software engineering, computer science, data science, marketing, or product management, the company offers a wider range of internship opportunities.

Interested in finding out more about an Uber internship? Here, we'll show you what to expect in the application process and give you tips on how to land the gig. Plus, we'll show you what it's like to intern at Uber.

Uber Internship Options

Uber offers a wide range of internship programs for different subject areas. Uber's data science, product, software engineering, and advanced technologies departments offer internship and co-op programs. Here, college students work closely with mentors and gain real-world experience that helps to build their resume and skill set. The internship program is designed specifically for university students looking to gain valuable work experience.

The company also offers internship opportunities geared toward university graduates and MBA students. Additionally, the company works with top schools to offer internships and full-time roles to top talent. The MBA internship programs are managed by finance, marketing, and operations departments and allow interns to work in real-time on projects that make an impact on customers.

Uber also offers an associate product management program for university graduates. Participants spend three six-month rotations learning the ins and outs of the product management process. Senior product managers and leaders mentor the program participants, and the active internship starts with graduates shipping products the first day they start the internship.

All of Uber's internships focus on a philosophy known as learning by doing. This philosophy asks program participants to learn skills by working on real-life problems - not answer phones and grab coffee. With an Uber internship, you'll have hands-on experience and solve real problems.

Uber Internship Application ProcessWoman interviews for the Uber internship

Uber's internship application process starts with filling out an application form at their careers website. Most of the internships are located in San Francisco, but you can also find opportunities at satellite locations including Seattle, Pittsburgh, and New York City.

The hiring process typically starts in early September, but the timing depends on the program you apply for. Most internships occur over the summer, though there are spring and winter co-ops as well. The company also provides incentives such as stipends and housing opportunities to help make the move easier.

Application Screening

After you complete your application, a human resources agent will review your file. This person will look at both your educational background and work experience. In addition, the screener will look for information on how you approach problem-solving and which of your skills may benefit the company. If you pass the screening portion of the application process, you'll hear from the human resources department to schedule an interview.


If you interview, it'll be with the manager of the program you're applying to. Those located in San Francisco may be asked to come in for an in-person interview. If you apply from farther away, you'll be scheduled for a phone or video interview. If you applied for the internship program through a recruiter on your college campus, you may also have an in-person interview.

The interview format varies depending on the department you apply to. Technical programs like engineering will involve more in-depth interviews. Depending on the program and the applicants who apply for the position, you may need to complete multiple interview rounds.


Aside from interviews, most applicants need to complete a project or a challenge test. These exercises are designed to show hiring managers how you think, how you work through problems, and how you come up with creative solutions.

Tips on How To Get an Uber Internship

Like most companies, Uber's hiring managers look for specific skills and traits when hiring interns. If you have these skills and abilities, you have better chances of landing an internship or even an entry-level position at the company.

To improve your chances of getting that coveted internship, do your research. Learn what drives the employees at Uber, and find out what they want in most candidates. But in general, here are some of the traits Uber hiring managers look for in interns.

Desired Qualities and Traits

Uber doesn't focus heavily on company culture. Instead of trying to fit yourself into a mold, Uber prefers to see basic traits that lend themselves to innovation. For example, Uber appreciates candidates who are authentic and have a growth mindset. These types of individuals ask questions and seek feedback so they can learn and grow.

While Uber is a tech company, it's also product-driven. The company focuses on ridesharing and food delivery through Uber Eats, but they also have a freight division and a self-driving car division. Within each of these segments, the company moves fast. They're interested in candidates who can help them innovate by offering new ideas.

Hiring managers look for qualities like intelligence, passion, and mission-driven focus. The ideal candidates are innovative and make big, bold moves.

Make Connections

The best way to get an Uber internship is to be memorable. Find out when Uber recruiters will be on campus and attend their events. Talking to recruiters can help make an impression and lay the groundwork for a successful application. Many students attend large career fairs, making it harder to stand out.

You can attend Uber events at diversity conferences including the Society of Hispanic Engineers, the National Society of Black Engineers, and the Society of Women Engineers. Uber recruiters attend these events with the sole focus of hiring, and they also conduct interviews at the events.

Seeking out recruiters at these events shows initiative, which helps make you more memorable. When you speak with recruiters, highlight your passion and why you believe in Uber's mission. You can stand out from other applicants during the interview process by identifying glitches in apps or highlighting things that can be improved. This will show how you can contribute to the company.

Connect with Uber recruiters on LinkedIn and fine-tune your professional portfolio. Be sure to list your major in your profile and post content on LinkedIn that shows your professional expertise. This can include projects you've worked on, apps you're developing, and guides you've written.

What It's Like to Intern at Uber

Three co-workers at their Uber internship.

In recent years, Uber has adjusted its training programs and internship outreach to increase diverse talent. On the Scholars podcast, we spoke to Brittni Lundie - the diversity and inclusion program manager at Uber - about what it's like to work at Uber.

Here are the main takeaways about what Uber internships are like.

Hands-On Experience

Uber internships focus on hands-on experiences you can't get from a classroom. The internships allow you to use methods and techniques you learn in school and apply them to real-world applications. An internship can also help you decide if you want to further pursue a career in that area.

Network Building

Uber internships aren't just about hard work. They're also great opportunities to build your network. Every intern is paired with both a manager and a mentor to help guide the learning process. It's not just about building a relationship with your manager and mentor - it's about connecting with your peers.

During your internship, ask other employees about their professional journeys. Reach out to other managers and teams for information. Take time to learn what other teams are working on and how it can inform your work. This will help you establish relationships and open new opportunities for repeat internships and, once you graduate, entry-level jobs.

With an Uber internship, you can talk with executive team members about how they progressed in their careers. You'll also get access to social events to help grow your network.


With an Uber internship, you can work both independently and cross-functionally. Interns work on the same products as engineers, so you'll contribute directly to the platform. You can also take ownership of projects and innovate and develop creative solutions.

Land the Internship With Scholars

Whether you're looking for a project management, software development, or design internship, Uber offers hands-on programs to help guide your learning. A summer internship at this tech and product company can help launch your career. With an Uber internship, you'll get to work on real-life problems and use your curiosity and passion to develop new solutions.

With this guide and tips from insiders at Uber, you'll increase your chances of landing the gig.

Ben Siegel is a co-founder at Scholars which helps students get internships. Check out the Scholar's blog for more information on how to land different internships, and listen to The Internship Show podcast to learn the best ways to start your career.


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