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Chinese Wet Markets Sell Cats and Kittens to Labs, And Your Tax Dollars Subsidize It

Your Tax Dollars Are Being Used to Torture Kittens Chinese wet markets are horrifying. But there’s something you can do.

Sorry folks. Turns out, your tax dollars are being used to torture kittens. The Veterans' Affairs Laboratory divisions in Louisville, Cleveland, and right here in Los Angeles are conducting cruel "experiments" on cats and kittens.

Healthy animals' spines are snapped, devices are implanted in their bodies to force on-demand bowel movements, constipation is induced with the help of squeezing harnesses; and at the end of the process, any survivors are simply killed. After all, we can't afford to waste taxpayer money on frivolous adoption programs.

If the 2020 pandemic disaster has taught us anything, it might well be that cutting up animals in labs has a dangerous risk of backfiring.

While the VA Lab is not interfering with wild animals, their butchering of domestic cats could backfire against humanity -- and in particular, the humans of the United States -- in another way: namely, disrespecting our veterans, destroying any remaining faith constituents may have had in the government, discouraging animal lovers from paying their taxes, and worst of all, racking up some serious bad kitty karma.

There is something you can do -- yes, even whilst being a COVID-19 superhero couch potato.

In a new video, Youtube's renowned Kitten Lady urges everyone to support a campaign against this animal cruelty (which, as a side note, would be illegal in the US if administered by anyone other than the government.)

White Coat Waste Project has a petition form you can send directly to the government, as well as donation options, including donations to rally taxpayers to call Congress, purchasing ads to publicize the secret labs, publicizing the issue in the national media, or simply to donate to "where the need is greatest" within the project to stop the VA labs from administering these experiments. At, you can make one-time or monthly tax-deductible donations of any amount. The Kitten Lady and White Coat Waste Project successfully collaborated in 2018 to rally public pressure, send the Kitten Lady to Capitol Hill, and finally shut down a USDA lab that was conducting similarly cruel experiments on cats and kittens, this time centered on cannibalism: cats and dogs were forced to eat meat of their own species purchased from wet markets in China. White Coat Waste project also took action to push a bill known as Delilah's Law (bill S. 3628), which if passed will permanently stop government labs from using our tax dollars to feed "wet market" purchases of cat and dog meat. You can access the petition specific to the latest constipation projects at

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