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US Presidential Race Remains Unsettled, with Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania too close to call.

President says he remains confident, as Joe Biden advises his supporters to Sit Tight and Don't Give Up

President Trump and Joe Biden camps both thought they would ultimately win the presidency, as mail in votes continued to be counted in at least 5 states.

"How come every time they count Mail-In ballot dumps they are so devastating in their percentage and power of destruction?" President Trump tweeted. "This is a major fraud on our nation," he said last night.

Joe Biden said that he felt confident and urged his voters to wait to declare victory until after all the votes were counted."The president's statement about shutting down the counting of votes was outrageous and incorrect," said Biden in a statement. In Pennsylvania, votes were being counted. Local voting authorities predicted the counting would last until the weekend.

Astronaut Mark Kelly beat McSally for John McCain's old Senate seat. But in Texas, Sen. John Cornyn (R) won re-election. The Republicans may yet hold the Senate, although this will not be known until January as there will be two runoff elections in Georgia.

Joe Biden never articulated much of a campaign philosophy, except that he was not Donald Trump. Lingering concerns about his past, about his monetary ties to China, and about his age and mental acumen, doomed his campaigns among thoughtful independents.

The polls were wrong in this election, even worse than they were in 2016. At the time of this writing, the President had been declared the winner by Fox News in Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Georgia, Arizona.


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TML writes:

Hey, look Sam! Biden won Wisconsin and Michigan and is leading in Nevada and Arizona. Biden is also closing in on Georgia. President Donald Trump's declarations of victory and accusations of stealing the election show us again very clearly that he is completely unfit for any elected office.