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They're Prowling on Prisoners: Female Prisoner gives the lowdown on Hot Email Sex solicited by male predators of female prisoners at the California Institution for Women

You might ask why not just call a phone sex hotline?? They want it free! Free from female prisoners who they feel they have the upper hand over!!

Most people have no clue what prison is like, especially a female prison. All these vaginas in here that have not had any attention in years can make some men think of ways to exploit this untapped (pun intended) potential.

If this title seems interesting, it should. I'm about to show you a whole new form of predation. If this title OFFENDS YOU, then I think we both know you're probably one of them?? Get ready for your weekly fix of fascinating reading only I, Ms. Amber Shaina Jackson, can provide straight from the California Institution for Women, located in Corona, California. I like to keep it real, make you think and make it worth your time. In less time that it takes to eat a Snickers!!

So we all know anytime something is attached to the Internet, it will attract sex. Then here come the predators looking for ways to use any new application for their sick impulses. Well, the wave of technological communication has hit the prison systems. Most, if not all, California prisons now have email capabilities. These emails are, of course, screened for the usual safety/security stuff. Just like our mail and phone calls are. However, talk about sex, whether by mail, phone calls or these emails, is totally within all rules, as we are all adults. So far, so good! Many women are doing time away from their husbands or boyfriends. So, it's to be expected for couples separated by prison to talk about sex.

On the flip side, men, a certain type of men, have begun to contact women in prison with a specific motive. Men who feel they have a clear advantage because ladies are in prison. (Well, not all of us are ladies.) Anyway, this breed of men, predators, reach INTO the prison system, looking to get their sexual gratification. Email sex, they call it. Hot email talk, some say. You might ask, like I did, why not just call a phone sex hotline?? They want it free! Free from female prisoners who they feel they have the upper hand over!! There is a growing group of these men out there. Men who are low quality, who can't attract a woman, so, they turn to female prisoners for gratification.

Just today I had to tell a man "I'm not that kind of girl." He requested "HOT EMAIL TALK." You've got to be kidding??!! I actually pity this guy and others like him. A bottom feeding Tripe. Feeding on anything he can find? And those men are NOT young. I've personally encountered men in their middle ages and have nothing to show for it. Prowling on prisoners. A new low. Some women have low self-esteem. Low self worth. So, they are vulnerable to this crap. I've been in prison 16 years. It's nothing new for men to prowl in women's prisons via the US mail system. However, the easier it gets, the more they do it.

Many women in the prison system have no family or outside support system. These men know this. They are attracted to this disadvantaged group.

Make no mistake, this type of man is most certainly dangerous. Do not underestimate them! This is the same type of man likely to offer a homeless woman a place to sleep on a cold night in exchange for sex. Or maybe give a drug addicted woman a small amount of drugs for sex. A lot of men are QUICK to offer women getting out of prison a place to stay at their house, in their BED??!! I'm not joking! Can you imagine their expectations when a woman, just released from prison, arrives on their doorstep? No thank you! Can you bet this almost always ends in disaster!!


can be directed to

Amber S. Jackson #X15530

Mail: California Institution for Women

16756 Chino-Corona Road

Corona, CA 92880


Editor Note: Ms. Jackson wrote to us from C.I.W. asking if she could write a regular weekly column about life in prison. After growing up in foster homes, she entered prison at age 20 when she disfigured someone. She spent the next 16 years in prison, where she now awaits a parole that may not be for another 4 years. "I want to make people think," Jackson wrote us. "When it comes to foster kids, most of them end up in prison at some point! Yes! Now, that is no excuse...I own every mistake I've made. I'd just like to share my story and how I made it to this point."


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