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What's With Those Happy Holiday Displays on 24th Street just North of Wilshire?

Happy Thanksgiving, 2020. Holidays Continue Despite Elections and Coronavirus

All of us know that the holidays will be different in 2020. Wear your masks, wash your hands, and don't travel anywhere.

As for Santa, expect to converse with him through plexiglass, with him and his elves wearing N-95 masks.

A real estate agent, Elaine Golden Gealer says she thinks there is plenty to celebrate, even in 2020. Her annual Thanksgiving display is on her lawn now.

"I have put up holiday displays for many years... it's a neighborhood tradition," she says. "I put up displays for every holiday and start as long as a month before the holiday."

"Especially in 2020, the parents appreciate my displays since the children have nowhere to go in most cases and demand their parents take them to see my yard which is full of not only many blow ups, but also cows and alligators, a wizard, a pirate and even a policeman."

"My neighbors love the decorations....I am happy to entertain them and especially children of all ages!!"

"I almost set up Christmas displays in July with a banner saying let's get 2020 over early!!"

"Come by and get out of your car and check out my yard today yourself," says Elaine. It's on 24th Street just North of Wilshire. Your kids will love it!


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