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California State Prisoners to Have Priority in Getting Covid-19 Vaccine

Here is what most of the public does not know. State prisons are huge money makers!

As of Tuesday Dec. 1st, all California prisons went into a "quarantine" lockdown coupled with mandatory testing of ALL inmates. This is to brace for the covid-19 surge impact. As Governor Gavin Newsom essentially locks down the entire state, he labels state prisoners among highest priorities in receiving the coming vaccine doses, according to multiple news reports.

Will you take the vaccine? I doubt I will. But, thanks to the Governor, I have that choice! Thanks, Gavin!! You Rock!! Now, if you could please commute my sentence?? My paperwork is already at your office!

Political pundits are not shy about their opinions!

Anyway, my housing unit has already been tested on Wed Dec 2nd. So, now we wait for results. A few people in my unit have a cough. I take my zinc, D3, vitamin C, etc. So, I ignore the covid-19.

Last week the prison changed its policy and no longer allows staff members to wear cloth masks. All staff must now wear disposable masks! Hey, it works for me.

So, this quarantine will be lifted presumably after all tests clear and the 7-14 days pass. For now, all, prisoner movement is escorted by officers. Almost all day in our rooms. We still get phone out daily phone calls. Wiped down after each use. No more than 10 inmates in any one place at one time. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Here is what most of the public does not know. State prisons are huge money makers! This pandemic is costing the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation millions! You see the educational department is paid for each prisoner in each seat! The drug treatment program makes more money for each seat. There is a prison industry that makes clothing here on prison grounds. This makes clothing for all state prisons. This makes and saves the state prison system huge amounts of funds. All of these are closed, and the state is unable to profit from these programs until this vaccine allows them to open these things! So, it's in the states best interest to get prisons safe so they can run unobstructed!!

You must always follow the money!!

Stay tuned for updates...

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