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What Happens When a Prisoner Tests Positive for COVID-19?

I just had my nose swabbed. Am I worried? No! I'm annoyed.

Here we go again. For anyone just now tuning in, I'm located here at the California Institution For Women in Corona, California. Earlier this week, all California state prisons were placed on quarantine and began mandatory testing of all state prison inmates...

My housing unit got tested 3 days ago. Presently, my unit has about 85 women. It can hold 120. Anyway, I had a sense that Covid-19 might be present in my housing unit. There's been a lot of coughing in my building lately. So, yesterday, the tests revealed one positive for covid. That person, her roommate and the neighboring cells were taken to isolation. Now the rest of housed in the building must retest for covid-19. This is happened this morning. I just had my nose swabbed. Am I worried? No! I'm annoyed. As I'm sure most of you out there are with this repeated cycle of lockdown, testing, quarantine, masking, etc. Enough!

I'll be keeping you all posted.

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Although the official California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation documents give a "Corona, California" mailing address for CIW in Riverside County, the prison has been physically located in the city of Chino since 2003 following an annexation of land in previously-unincorporated San Bernardino County.--

CIW has 120 acres (49 ha). Its facilities include Level I ("Open dormitories without a secure perimeter") housing, Level II ("Open dormitories with secure perimeter fences and armed coverage") housing, and Level III ("Individual cells, fenced perimeters and armed coverage") housing. In addition, a Reception Center "provides short term housing to process, classify and evaluate incoming inmates."

As of Fiscal Year 2008/2009, CIW had 977 staff and an annual budget of $75 million Institutional and $2.6 million Education. As of October 31, 2013, it had a design capacity of 1,398 but a total institution population of 2,155, for an occupancy rate of 154.1 percent.

As of April 30, 2020, CIW was incarcerating people at 111.1% of its design capacity, with 2,640 occupants.


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