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When Staff Cook Meals Instead of Inmates, the Results are Inedible, says Woman Inmate

The COVID-19 quarantine at the prison has removed inmates from kitchens - and put incompetent staff in their place

Prisoners assigned to kitchen jobs cook all the meals for the entire institution, under staff supervision, of course. It's been this way since the prison industrial complex formed its authority over mass incarceration. So, prisoners cooking daily for prisoners is the norm.

Well, since the quarantine of most of the California Institution for Women in Corona, California, this has left a dramatic shortage of inmates to run the kitchen, as well as other areas of the prison. How did they manage? Prison staff and officers have had to cover the duty! Staff cooking for inmates!. This is unheard of. So, as a result, the food is now an unrecognizable SLOP. Something you would never put in your mouth!!

Keep in mind, I'm all about being appreciative while I'm in this prison situation. So, please understand that the fact if it warranted me taking time to write about this, it's truly that BAD. I'm angry about this. I'm saddened. Many people outside of prison think "at least they get 3 free meals a day." Sadly, if people knew the horror of what is being served up. It makes me feel we are even more alone and forgotten in here right now. Under the guise of covid, you can get away with cutting all kinds of corners in a place like this.

Is this being done on purpose?? Could staff be upset that instead of simply watching over inmates, they now have to spend their time cooking for us?? In their book, this is blasphemy. But, you tell me. I just now I'm seeing a culinary low like I've never before.

Prison food was never great. But it was edible. Now, it's not. You can't even tell what it is. Many of us continue to refuse the garbage on these trays.

I'm not exaggerating!! It looks so bad you can't get it close to your mouth!! Prison guards laugh while passing out trays.

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