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Fashion Forward Actress and Super Model Eugenia Kuzmina Sets The Trend Wearing The New Must Have BlocAid Gloves

- Another layer in Covid safety as she heads to shoot new Guy Ritchie movie.

Actress and stunning fashion model Eugenia Kuzmina was seen today on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, where the much in-demand actress made a quick stop heading to the airport.

Eugenia has appeared in many movies, graced magazine covers and is a fan favorite on the comedy stage, pre-Covid she could be found performing at Hollywood's leading comedy clubs where she performs an uncanny and hilarious set as soon to be ex-first lady, Melania Trump.

For her much anticipated new film project, she is set to play an MI6 agent in the new Guy Ritchie movie, already a Ritchie regular, she can also be seen in his critically acclaimed last movie, The Gentlemen.

Her new movie project is set in Turkey and she is making sure she stays as safe as can be during these uncertain Covid times. (She only removed her mask for a quick photo- from 20 feet away!) "I get tested regularly, it is important for those around me and also for my family. I don't see anybody unless it is essential for work and under strict Covid safety regulations."

Eugenia is also a well known favorite in the fashion world and has graced many magazine covers, she is also always looking for the next high fashion trend - and it seems she has found it with her new BlocAid gloves.

"I love them! They are comfortable and stylish and also provide me with another layer of safety during these uncertain times. I am waiting for the new colors! The gloves are part of my day now, like a mask, it is something we have to do, and I will do anything to stay safe. I am going to wear these on the movie set, and gift them to my friends!"

She smiled and waved her gloved hand before quickly getting into her waiting town car, and just like that, she was gone onto her new adventure.

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