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LA County Residents Should Prepare for Heavy Rain, Mud, and Debris Flow Says Fire Department

If you live in a recent burn area, you should acquire sandbags

Los Angeles, CA – With heavy rain expected throughout Southern California over the next few days, the Los Angeles County Fire Department reminds residents to be aware of the potential for mud and debris flow dangers associated with rain. This is especially true for residents living in recent burn areas.

If you live in a recent burn area:

Acquire any needed sandbags and instructional materials at your local Los Angeles County fire station. Click here for locations near you.

Have an emergency plan that is easy for all family members to understand.

Monitor radio and TV news closely for information about weather conditions and flooding in your area.

Be prepared to leave immediately, if an evacuation is ordered. Have alternate evacuation routes out of your neighborhood.

Identify important items to take, if your neighborhood is evacuated (e.g., computers, photos, important documents, medications, and other essential items for your family and pets).

Have enough food and water to supply your family for at least a 72-hour period.

Always remember to include a radio and flashlight with fresh batteries in your emergency kit.

Be storm smart! Follow these general storm safety guidelines:

Stay away from flood control channels, catch basins, canyons, and natural waterways which are vulnerable to flooding during periods of heavy rain.

Do not attempt to cross flooded areas and never enter moving water on foot or in a vehicle.

If flooding traps you in your vehicle, stay in your vehicle (if possible) and call 9-1-1. If necessary, wait on top of your vehicle for assistance.

If you see someone who has been swept into moving water, do not enter the water and attempt a rescue. Immediately call 9-1-1 and, if possible, throw a rope or some type of floatation device to them.

For additional safety tips, visit and and follow @LACoFD, @LACoFDPIO, and @ReadyLACounty on Twitter.


The Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation supports lifesaving programs throughout the region. To be a part of our team, learn more, or donate, visit


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redacted writes:

Integrity is demonstrated though frank and honest statements of the facts, as they seem, at the moment. The best way to destroy integrity is to scare people by conflating the state of things with hyperbole, alarm, fear and a dishonest statement of the facts. What rain? The forecast for the next 10-days is: Feb. 3rd 5%, 4th 2%, 5th 0%, 6th 1%, 7th 1%, 8th 1%, 9th 3%, 10th 8%, 11th 11%, 12th 13%, 13th 7%, 14th 17%, 15th 9%, 16th 13%, So the question is: What rain? This article sounds very alarmist.