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Vaccines Now Being Given to Prisoners, Many Refuse and the Leftovers Are Discarded

California Woman Prisoner Thanks Governor Newsom for Her Covid Vaccine

I owe the Governor Gavin Newsom a huge thank you for my Moderna vaccine!! I suppose I'll begin by telling you the Moderna vaccine has been given to me and my fellow prisoners several days this week here at CIW. I got it. However, I'm not going to take the 2ND dose! My decision is made firmly on that . I don't trust this vaccine. So, I'm not going to second base with it. I'd say MOST women refused the vaccine in my unit.

So, we now have 3 buildings on the yard on quarantine. So, no classes will be opening anytime soon. Most of the prison nurses say they are not going to get vaccinated. When nurses arrive at the housing unit with the vaccine, each inmate who refuses must refuse in writing! They want written proof we were all offered the shot. After the shot is administered, the nurses come back in 20 minutes to check on each person who took the vaccine. A lot of officers say they've had their second vaccine already. Good for them.

So, the plan at this prison is to offer all inmates who have NOT tested positive for Covid in the past to get offered the shot first, since those people do not have antibodies. Then the ladies who have had covid in the past will be offered the vaccine last.

I wonder if people will form a line outside this prison and other prisons to get the leftover vaccine doses?? Good idea. I asked the nurse about it. He said they throw it out. They can't give it out. Wow.

We still get covid tested once a week. They now do the nasal swab test. Much more gentle. Thank God...


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