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Only Two Mortalities from Covid-19 at California Institution for Women Prison

Excess Covid-19 vaccines refused by prisoners are not given to local citizens

After the many, many covid infections, only one staff and one prisoner from CIW died. That's it. The one staff person's death was a nurse. We prisoners were locked in our rooms so staff could leave the facility to attend. As always, prisoners pay for everything. The prison could have found a work around to keep women from being locked in. Whatever.

Last night the nurses came with my and many other prisoners second covid shots. I declined just as I told you I would. No thank you. I'm too young for 2 shots. I'm ready to dive into my college work and work towards my release and my future. Many are unaware that these shots affect your ability to get pregnant and carry a baby full term. Spontaneous miscarriages occurs in the testing of the vaccines. Many people do not do research and protect themselves. Not to mention, this MRNA has never been used in humans before now. I'm not giving my blind trust to any needle.

Oh, and I asked the prison nurses if the extra doses are going to be given to people lined up outside of the prison. Not happening!!


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