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The Local Crowd Funds A Female Prisoner's Artwork

The ability to do art will help me maintain my sanity

I'm Amber. I'm the prisoner. You're the Crowd. I need you! I need you to make room in your heart and your budget for me. I'm talking to those who do HAVE it to give!! Yes, you. No, you don't owe me. But you can make a huge difference in my life!! I'm SINGLE and I have NO FAMILY in my life. It's a long story. I touched on it in previous articles. I was in foster care and on the streets most of my life before hitting prison at 20. I'm now 37.

I'm an artist. I'm in college! I'm working hard. I simply need help to make it to the finish line. Specifically, I need the supplies!! I need money to get them! We've been on lockdowns for Covid!! My MENTAL HEALTH has been greatly strained by covid. So the ability to do art will also help maintain my sanity!! These walls seem to amplify my negative emotions!!

You can send money to me by Calling Jpay @ 1800 574 5729 or logging onto It's quick and easy to send money. I'm praying someone will find it in their heart to help me! You just need my name and CDCR number #X15530. You can also just send a money order for $250 with my name and CDCR #NUMBER on it. You send the money order by mail to 16756 CHINO-CORONA Road. Corona Ca, 92880. CIW.

I'm a real person!! E-mail me @ and I'll e-mail you back!! Feel free to ask if you have any questions!! I'm easy to talk to!!

I hope I'll inspire your heart to tell your head to reach IN to me in this place!! I'm earnestly and anxiously awaiting your reply!! Also, I thank you for taking time just to read this!! If this touches you, it's meant for you!! I picture one special person is meant to read this and reach me!! Is that you??

I'll answer all emails and letters!!

Write soon.



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