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100 Plants to Feed the Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch butterfly feed on a wide variety of plants, unlike Monarch caterpillars which feed only on milkweed leaves

The plight of the monarch butterfly has captured public attention and sparked widespread interest in helping to save their dwindling populations. We are excited to announce the release of our new book, which provides an in-depth portrait of the monarch butterfly - covering its life cycle, its remarkable relationship with milkweed, its extraordinary migration, and the threats it now faces due to habitat loss and climate change.

This book includes at-a-glance profiles of plants that provide monarchs with nourishment. The plants, which are all commercially available, range from dozens of species of milkweed to numerous flowering plants, shrubs, and trees that provide nectar for the adult butterfly, including those that bloom in late season and sustain monarchs in their great migration.

Gorgeous photographs of monarchs and plants, plus illustrations, maps, and garden plans, make this a visually engaging guide, which will help you make room for monarchs in your community!

Books are available in the Xerces Society Gift Center for a tax-deductible donation that supports our essential conservation work.

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