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I'm privileged to have the ability to be part of the craft program but I still need funds to make the order

I'm not typically in the business of asking strangers for help. But after the pain I've felt on covid lockdowns over the past year, I'll do anything to ensure I don't feel that feeling again. When I'm locked in, IT FEELS LIKE IT'S NEVER GOING TO END!! Yes, I know it will. But it feels helpless. To the point where my mind is touching the outer limits of how I can relieve this feeling!! I'm sure you can understand what I'm saying. I have my social outlet which is this writing to you. I'm in college, so that stimulates that section of my brain. I'm starving for art!! When I finally get my hands on a piece of 12x16 paper, you'll see what I mean when you and the world see what comes out and what's been built up inside of me for this year and can't be contained any longer.

Each day I look for an opportunity to bless someone else. Some days I get that rare chance!! I've been blessed with being able to make my neighbor's day by giving her, an older Latino lady, some yarn and crochet hooks. This meant a lot to her and it felt so good to do this for her. Opportunities like this are rare in here as many of us do not have anyone we can turn to when we need a favor.

The lockdowns/"Quarantines" happen often and unexpectedly!! It screws with my mental health. If you're ''suicidal'' they'll take you to a padded room. But they won't offer any art materials.

Life is a GIVE and TAKE. I need your help to order my art supplies. My dollar goal needed to raise is $250. One person can help with that or several people can help with $25, $50, $80, etc. Until it adds up to the $250 I need. No donation is too small.

You have the chance to make my day or help make my day!! I appreciate your help. I'll even give you a shout out if you'd like. Though, most people, I'd imagine, would like to remain anonymous after making donations. I pray I touch someone's heart and you are moved to help.

Believe ME, you have no idea how much this will help me in here!! I'm privileged to have the ability to be part of the craft program but I still need funds to make the order!! I feel strangely confident that Jesus will send someone to help me. I cross my to fingers I'm able to get these funds and purchase my materials before we endure the next lockdown over the next covid outbreak!! I now live on this covid roller coaster. So I hope to receive help me before the NEXT one. Plus after all we went through this year, I'm going to paint everyday for a while until I get all of this pent up energy and creativity out!!

**Donate to

Name: Amber Jackson #X15530

@ Jpay.Com Or call Jpay @ 1800 574 5729 to make a donation.

Money orders are also accepted but are held for 30 days by the institution. I'm a real person!! Please reach IN here to me!! You can make all the difference. Thank you for your time. Thanks for listening. Let's help remove the stigma from discussing ones mental health issues, man or woman or LQBTQ, NONBINARY, etc. All people need an outlet for their mental health and as part of ones self care!!

Also I will announce when I've reached by $250 goal needed for my art supplies. Thank you for caring either way. I know not everyone is in the position to help and I thank you just the same...

Your SMO "Convict Columnist" MS. Lady Amber Jackson

PS I'm going to publish the very next painting I do! Yes, I'm sharing it with you all!!


Amber S. Jackson

Next Month, MAY2021, I, Ms. Amber S. Jackson, am 6 years sober. I did it. In prison. You can do it to!! No MATTER where you are!! Do it one day at a time! Start with the first step. Then keep going!! Don't use no matter what. It gets easier. I took one day as it came. Then the next day. Some days were harder than others. I began the M.A.T. PROGRAM. Medication assisted treatment about 4-5 months ago. The pandemic stressed me to the point where I needed extra help. I was losing my mind and ready to give up. M.A.T. was my last resort. It actually meant a lot to have that option! I'm surprised at how well it works!! Anything but RELAPSE!! REMEMBER THAT! Be stubborn. Don't give in to urges or carvings!! Ever! Play video games, draw, bike ride, take a bath. In prison we have few of those options available. But I made no excuses. Ask for help. Get your sponsor. Addiction is soaring during this pandemic. You must keep yourself in check!! It is not a free pass to excuse USE of drugs!

Anyway. I hope I'm able to help someone stay strong. We need all the encouragement we can get. I look back and thank myself for making it this far. Sobriety is Delicate! Care for it and value it!! AMEN!


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