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Women's Prison Full Of EVIL Old Ladies...

This group uses their age as a license to get away with things in here.

It's true. Women's prisons like this are full of old ladies. Evil old ugly ladies. Not your sweet grandma. While reading this, you must suspend your typical idea of an average old lady out there, helpless, frail, etc. Picture a wolf in sheep's clothing pretending to be sicker and much more frail than they really are all to play games and pretend to be something they are not. Hoping to use your kindness as an opportunity to exploit your soft spot for the elderly!! Keep this image and definition at the front of your mind as you read and enjoy!!

Many of these women are here for hurting children. They're mean. They're opportunistic and greedy. Some even pretend not to understand English, unless they WANT something from you. All of a sudden they speak your language. These ladies come in all ethnic backgrounds. This group uses their age as a license to get away with things in here. I'm very observant. I've got their number. Now I'm giving it to you...

A few months ago, during breakfast being served in the dayroom, a last came out and pooped all over the floor, by the food trays and in front of everyone!! Liquid poop came from under her dress and down her legs, black like motor oil!! All over the place!! And she stood there pushing more out!! Right in front of the officers' station!! All of us here stunned. This poop was wall to wall!! The woman was in her 70's. This day, seeing this left me shook to the core!

The lady was taken for mental health evaluation immediately after this. A transgender woman, former man, cleaned up the poop with a mop. To this day I imagine poop when I walk through that area.

These old women are bold! They get away with all sorts of things!! Many of them have walkers. The place looks like a drive-in movie when they are all in the same area. They are aggressive with the way they use their walkers!! Running over people's feet on purpose! Counting on the fact that nobody will hit an old lady!!

I've personally seen many of them walk up and demand things from people. I've said HELL NO everytime. What do they demand? To cut in front of you in line. That's a big one!! Many things. Buy them a package of cakes from the canteen. I would have done that. But you must ASK, not demand things. These ladies have no interpersonal skills. Worse, they're overtly mean. You've likely never seen old ladies like these before!! I didn't even know old women like this existed. They're so mean it's almost cartoonish and funny until you live with it for 10-15 years like I have.

One old lady down my hall keeps coming out in boxers with her diaper hanging off and threatening to kill people in the hall. Also threatening to kill herself daily. She gets written up all the time. Move her out of this unit!! She used to poop in daipers and leave it in the shower by the drains!! No joke. I had to bring this up with my meetings with the Lieutenants and Captains. This issue is real. Also, plenty of poop is found in showers randomly.

In my unit, we have a young girl in her 30's that poops in the shower regularly!!! I personally CAUGHT HER pooping in the shower stall next to me while showering!! I smelled a strong poop smell. I looked down under the stall and she was using her shoe to smash poop quickly down the drain, hoping she would not get caught. This was over 2 years ago. She still regularly POOPS IN THE SHOWER!! Funny thing, she thinks she's cool and sophisticated. She dyes her hair and tries to look cute. All while shamelessly choosing to poop in the shower daily. She should have a twitter handle named Sh*tty Kitty"!!

She tried to deny it until I complained in front of her and explained I'd SEEN HER stomp her poop down the drain!!! Do you know her explanation?? "Well, it's just a little diarrhea." Where do they make these people at???? What mother taught you to skip the toilet and poop while you shower, in a GROUP shower?? It's a mad house in here sometimes. Man. When I got sober in here, I noticed stuff like this!! You see what I deal with daily. I looked down and her poop was splashing on my feet!!


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