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Prison INMATES Who Think They're Correctional Officers

Prisoners have nothing but time to think! Remember that! The devil creeps in.

Every unit in every prison and every jail, men's and women's, has one or two of these. A "DeputyNoBadge." An inmate who thinks they're ACTUALLY a correctional officer!! They're worse than any snitch!! They're worse than any officer!! Myself and my fellow inmate have more to fear from other inmates than any officer or authority figure! Fellow prisoners are always your most likely problem!! Most of all, trust no roommate. They have the most access to you and your stuff. They know what you have and often feel entitled to it. Maybe even jealous. Like you owe them something?? Keep your eye on broke girls!! They're full of slime and have dirt on their minds. Broke people steal and carry problems wherever they go! Your roommate can be your best asset or worst mistake!! I've just seen too much. I'm just recently beginning to become pro-social and able to socialize in a healthy manner. Prison is no place to make friends!! If you HAPPEN to meet one, it's a rare GEM!!

One of my fellow lifers went home last year. While she waited to go home, I saw her face some ugly stuff. Jealous women going in her room, stealing from her and trashing her stuff while she was gone. Nobody "SAW" anything?? All this going on in the unit I'm in now! An HONOR DORM. Shes prayed, stayed strong and made it out. You see, someone could have easily PLANTED DRUGS in her cell and lost her the chance to go home after over 20 years!

I have my suspect who did this. Another jealous lifer, miserable, an ugly soul. I keep my eyes on her. This is an example of your fellow prisoner's attempt at sabotaging your success!! This was excruciating to see. If you're Successful in here, nobody's happy for you. Most are indifferent while some actively hate anyone achieving anything! I have seen prisoner-on-prisoner setups worthy of plots in Hollywood scripts! Prisoners have nothing but time to think! Remember that! The devil creeps in. They make diabolical plans and they put their minds to it. Prison is just so negative. You must make a daily effort here NOT to become infected by contagious EVIL!! I'm not kidding. If you don't keep thoughts in check, you'll become an evil ugly person in a short time!! I inventory my behavior daily and pray!! You must. Or you'll be one of THEM. We swim through EVIL all day everyday here. Before I got to prison, I pictured a sisterhood of women. All helping each other and teaching each other. This reality couldn't be more sobering!! It's dog eat dog!! I have found about 4 genuine, real Friends in my whole 17 years!! Which brings me to my next point...

DO NOT, ever, seek friendship in prison. The worst kind of people will see your opening! The only people who are popular and have lots of ''friends'' were the dope dealers or the occasional millionaire!! The millionaires are a story for another time!! Dope dealers no longer exist, as dope in THIS particular institution is no longer available due to no CONTACT VISITING!! Plain and simple!! No contact visits means no drugs come into the prison!! Now people buy and sell pills and medications to get high!! That's the only hustle around. Or making crafts, making greeting cards, sewing, tailoring peoples clothing, etc. Selling real skills!! Plenty of people do this. I used to do it and made a good living. I'm simply in college now and All my time and resources go to that. My only simple pleasure is my painting. I LOVE TO PAINT... If only I had art supplies to do day?

Some women are always watching for something to GOSSIP about! I see this happen to others a lot. I make my presence scarce!! I do not hang out! Our rooms are unlocked at 7am and close at 3:30pm for body count. All prisons in the state do this count at the same time and ALL PRISONS COUNTS MUST BE CALLED INTO Sacramento headquarters and cleared BEFORE ANY PRISONS may open again at around 4:30!! Yep, all prisons do their body counts at once!! If any prisoner is unaccounted for, ALL PRISONS in the state WILL GO IMMEDIATELY INTO Lockdown!! One night, here at CIW, a girl hid in the bushes for hours. They checked all of our cells and lockers!! FRANTIC!! SEARCHING THE GROUNDS!! It was funny. Also, here, CIW has no electric fencing!! So, you can see the streets, traffic outside, prison parking lot, etc. Freedom, so close, yet, so far!!


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