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The HOTTEST Prisoner Dating Website REVEALED

Prisoners have no problem meeting people and making friends with people who are free!

Have you ever stumbled onto a prisoner website? Well, I'm about to reveal the hottest, most fun way for prisoners and pen pals to connect. There's tons of prisoner pen pal sites out there. One is better than all the others combined. I have no family, so, I depend on these sites to meet people so I don't face this time alone. So, behold, as I reveal something very special and personal to me...

Welcome to MEET-AN-INMATE.COM. LOG On, if you dare!... Many of us prisoners post to here. Looking for different things. Some being HONEST, like Amber. Some prisoners use photos of other women, their children or family, who are better looking. Whatever. Some lie about their age. Some lie about their length of sentence. To keep it real, when I first came to prison with a life sentence, I didn't think anybody would want to stand by me while I waited almost 19 years to get out. So I lied about my release date back then. But I was wrong!! I've met some really good people out there!! Some of whom have been in my life for over 10 years!! Your sentence length does not matter!!

Now that I'm on my last couple of years, I'm truly hoping to build my support system of people who will be in my life to help welcome me home. Give me encouragement and help me focus when the initial HONEYMOON period of freedom wears off and the stresses of real life, after prison, begin to set in. I'll need people!! Real, honest, regular people who make room kn their lives to welcome me out of this place and help me get stable in my life. I need, ADVICE, I need MENTORSHIP, I need COUNCIL, I need CONFIDANT(S), I need GENUINE FRIENDSHIP(S), I need SPONSORSHIP, I need the FAMILY I never had. I need to build or make one. No, not with a man. I just need friends who will stick by me like family. If it's in God's will for my life it'll happen. I have no doubt. I will not look. I will allow God to fill my needs within his timing.

MEET-AN-INMATE.COM has men and women prisoners. No sex offenders allowed!! Also, they check to verify inmates' photos, release dates and birthdays. So much less fraud on this site. CHECK IT OUT!! LOG-On and you'll see me and plenty of others. You can search by birthday. It's a quality site and it's MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!!

With this revelation I am letting you in on something very important to me and also very personal. It's never been my style to be so open in this way. But I'm letting go of my guard and showing you how I really live and what helps pass the time and keep me connected with the free world.

This site has been around since long before I came to prison. It's a blessing to a lot of prisoners. I met my now ex-fiancé via this website. I also gained a stalker from this site. That's the sheer power of MEET-AN-INMATE-COM!! Tell me what you think if you dare to go to look. Remember there's no going back!! Keep in mind you just might meet your next ex-husband or wife!!...


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