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California Institute for Women: Female Prisoner Makes Money Doing Fully Nude Massages

As you can imagine, this is as taboo as it sounds

A girls got to eat. There's a woman on the yard here at CIW making money doing fully nude massages for other women. And for transgender men. No joke. On top of that, she's also a lesbian herself. As you can imagine, this is as taboo as it sounds...

Hearing this at first, I assumed it was a joke. Nope. It's the real deal. For about $10 she'll bring her yoga mat and come to anybody's living quarters and do an approximately 45-minute, fully nude massag,e full body massage on anyone. For the fee, of course.

She's massaged everybody from old ladies to trans men. And everything in between. The possible problems this could cause are too numerous to even begin to count. You see, we have a law called PREA. The PRISON RAPE ELIMINATION ACT. This is a federal law that has broad reach when it comes to even perceived sexual pressure or harassment in the prison setting. This law was needed after years of rapes behind prison walls. Massages alone would be complicated and taboo. But we're talking PRISONER-ON-PRISONER NUDE MASSAGES in private living quarters. A disaster waiting to happen, as some would put it.

Why would someone go this low for money? It's a double-sided issue. She's greedy for money and she's horny. I'm not kidding. This seems to get even funnier as it goes on. I've spoken to the girl myself about her mobile masssage services. You know I asked tons of questions. That's how I know the cost and some of who her nude clients have been.

As a "fem" in prison, she's given massages to trans men. This is so unacceptable on so many levels. Prison rules are not at all like free-world rules. In contrast, I've seen people offer massages for a fee in the past. Very rarely. But it was fully clothed and in a public place. This is fully nude and in private living quarters, where anything can and eventually will happen. The girl is Latina, in her 30's and pretty. She works as a peer substance abuse mentor. They make good money. So she does not need to do this. Also, she's a lifer. Why take the risk? I do my time with caution in how I interact with people. This is risky behavior. Due to poor choices, the parole boards just rolled her over by 5 years. If they knew this, they'd flip. I'm not overstating. This is crazy behavior.

I'm just shocked at the amount of risk involved. For someone to put themselves in such a position is beyond me. She goes out of bounds into other housing units and does massages as house calls. She told me a story of a woman becoming aroused by her during the massage. I wonder what's happened that she didn't speak about.

She's popular for her work doing these massages. Customers from all over the yard walk up and make appointments. There is a real need for massages. People do workouts and exercise a lot, which causes pain. So, there's a big market for massage in prison. There's also a reason nobody else is doing this hustle. She has no competition in the woman's prison private nude massage sector...

The reality of the human condition. On display. Behind bars. Long ago I accepted that I'll never truly understand the motivations of some. The fact is they do not know why they do what they do. After age 30 or so, you see fully grown, adult women with no focus, no direction and it just makes you feel sad.


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