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Quick, Someone Give Barbara Ferrer a Sedative: LA County Health Department Recommending Masks Indoors, Even for Vaccinated People

All Barbara Ferrer is doing with her recommendation is what she's been doing since the beginning: shifting the blame.

6/29: Yesterday, the Los Angeles County Health Department, headed by Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, changed their mind - yet again - about the efficacy of the various Covid-19 vaccines. Noting that the Delta variant now comprises half of all sequenced variants sequenced across the county, the department is now recommended that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask when in a public indoor setting. They did not go so far as to issue an order, but just wait.

Various agencies have been warning about the spread of the Delta variant, which has been decimating a largely unvaccinated India. These agencies have been warning the variant is more transmissible and more deadly than the previous versions of the virus. If so, that would be a first in virus mutation. They generally become more transmissible and less deadly. A virus that causes death in its host is a virus that has difficulty in spreading. But we should not be surprised by this scientifically bizarre information. It is coming from agencies we have learned to trust as supremely honest and absolutely correct: the WHO (who told us the virus could not transmit from human-to-human when they knew full well that was untrue), the CDC (who lied about transmissibility in outdoor settings, which is basically nil), and Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIAID (who lied about the efficacy of masks, and admitted it, but was also lying about that).

Meanwhile, the same agencies warning about the variant are claiming that the present vaccines in use in the United States are effective against the Delta variant. In fact, the County Health Department itself states, "Fully vaccinated people appear to be well protected from infections with Delta variants."

There is a pretty big contradiction in the messaging here. Vaccines are effective, but those who have been fully vaccinated should wear masks indoors to prevent against the ineffectiveness of the vaccine.

Clearly, the recommendation regarding masks has nothing to do with actually promoting public health or preventing the spread of disease. There is much data to show vaccines are effective and little data to show nonmedical-grade masks have much effectiveness at all.

All Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, Med is doing with her recommendation is what she's been doing since the beginning: shifting the blame. 41% of the county is not fully vaccinated. She foresees a new wave of coronavirus cases among this large minority, and she doesn't want any of the blame for that attaching to her. Imposing restrictions and closing businesses is how she's successfully shifted the blame since March of 2020. Despite the many restrictions, including closing the beaches and parks and forbidding family gatherings, the county saw the same surge in coronavirus that happened everywhere else.

But she didn't get the blame. She'd done all she could, right? It must have been the fault of people who didn't wear masks or who gathered with people outside their family. Not hers.

Her present recommendation is a test balloon. She wants to see if she can get away with making it an outright order. And she will. Just wait.

The question is how much more of these arbitrary, self-serving assaults on our liberty is the public going to take.


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