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Women's Prison Hit By Sudden Delta Variant Surge

All the Covid protocols turn into a prison themselves

I'm here on the yard at The California Institution For Women in Corona, California. I'm lucky to be in a unit NOT locked down and quarantined. Upon waking up this morning, I discovered nearly half of the prison is on lockdown and quarantined, pending outcome of Covid testing. Several staff members here at CIW have tested positive for Covid, even after shots. I'm told some of the positive staff members are indeed correctional officers but I have not yet confirmed that!!

So, I'm not clear if this is a real outbreak or an extension of the hysteria perpetuated on TV news daily. Though most correctional staff have opted NOT to get vaccinated, most inmates have been fully vaccinated. So even if staff are positive, most inmates are safe. I estimate about 20% of the women here are either totally unvaccinated or only had one shot. This overreaction is to protect those holdouts.

I am anti-vaxx. However, I took both shots to come off of the weekly Covid testing list. That's my only reason. The second shot made me feel like crap. I hate that I had to take that poison injection. It's going to be years before I know if the decision to get vaccinated was truly a mistake. I never even had Covid. It seemed to skip over me and infect all those around me. All the Covid protocols, in my opinion, turn into a prison itself. A prison within a prison...

We have a rapid Covid testing machine located at the dental office. You must take a 15 minute rapid test before the dentist will work on you.

More to come. Stay tuned...


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