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Anti-Vaxxers: 2500 Attend Mass Rally in Santa Monica to Protest Vaccine Mandates

Even some firefighters and medical workers have refused the Pfizer, Moderna and Jaansen Covid Vaccines


August 27, 2021

About 2500 people attended a rally in Tongva Park, between the Santa Monica Pier and Santa Monica City Hall, on Saturday.

First line responders and their supporters rallied at Tongva Park on Saturday to protest impending vaccine mandates.

About 2500 people gathered under cloudy skies to hear speakers declare that if the city of Santa Monica makes vaccines a condition of their employment, they will lose their jobs. Several said they have put themselves on the front line and risked their lives for 18 months, starting before there were Covid vaccines.

And now, with their livelihoods threatened, they feel betrayed. A line-up of both doctors and nurses questioned the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccine. Some people in the crowd waved signs and spoke of loved ones who died after receiving the shots.

Firefighters who don't want to receive Covid vaccinations, line up a rally in Tongva Park, between the Santa Monica Pier and Santa Monica City Hall, on Saturday.

Firefighters lined up to protest the idea of "vaccine passports", saying it takes away people's freedoms. Speakers on the makeshift stage included doctors, nurses, firefighters, and organizations representing Police, teacher's and children's health.

A large group also protested on Ocean Avenue, waving signs and shouting at cars passing by. Santa Monica City Council is scheduled to discuss mandatory vaccines for city workers this coming Tuesday, and has been in negotiations with their unions. The Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD), Santa Monica College (SMC), the City of LA, and the State of California have already passed similar mandates.

The recall election of Gavin Newsom is shaping up to be a referendum on vaccine mandates, lockdowns and mask mandates. Republican candidate Larry Elder has said that if elected Governor, he will reverse any mandates in place.


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