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Proud Boys vs. Antifa: Anti-Vax Rally by the Pier Fails to Produce a Portland Like Conflict Between Disparate Groups

Newsom and Gascon have come to symbolize the opposite of the demands of a growing movement

About 400 to 500 demonstrators prayed by the Santa Monica Pier Sunday afternoon. Speakers of every race exhorted the genteel crowd to vote to recall Gavin Newsom and George Gascon. They also opposed vaccination mandates, though some in the crowd had themselves been vaccinated.

While there was a lot of prayer, it did not turn out to be the apocalypse by the sea that some predicted. Antifa or other left-wing demonstrators did not show up and the event was entirely peaceful.

"Our Bodies, Ourselves" was a common theme, as speaker after speaker opposed mandatory vaccinations. Cal. SB 455 would require coronavirus vaccinations to enter any building.

Speakers expressed anger at lockdowns. One man wore a T Shirt reading "Covid 19 is a Scam." A man carrying a rainbow flag said that he represented "gays opposed to vaccine mandates."

Speakers, many of whom offered prayers, were frequently interrupted by honking from passersby. A man dressed as Uncle Sam interrupted the scheduled speakers to "praise our Lord Jesus Christ" and deliver a brief sermon.

Newsom and Gascon have come to symbolize the opposite of the demands of a growing movement, separate from the US Conservative Movement. These are people who simply want to be left alone, when it comes to Covid-19.

The recall election is expected to be very close. But regardless of how it turns out, a good 50% of the California electorate is tired of masks, vaccinations and broken promises about the end of the worldwide pandemic.

Of course, not everyone was there for political reasons. " Muse Activatrix" Alita Arose said "I came to because I value liberty and I value freedom."

Some people in passing cars expressed support for the Anti-mandate point of view. Others did not and called the demonstrators "idiots", "morons," and other such insults.


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