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Prison Drug Program Hooking Female Prisoners On Drugs

Suboxone is intended to treat opioid addiction but at low doses can cause opioid effects

It's true. They give it out like candy. This medication crippled me. For months. Stopped all my activities. I'm finally free. I'm finally out from under the grip of it. So, what do I speak of? What's the prison's the drug program hooking prisoners on? Suboxone Sublingual Strips. Basically, they act like an opioid! Like any street drug, it derailed my life.

I've spent my last few days with chills, sweating and feeling weak. Withdrawal. I chose to stop the medication. But I paid a painful price.

Over these last days, as I withdrew and saw my symptoms weaken with each day as I regained my strength, I spoke to my peers within my own housing unit. It turns out at least 4 others close to me tried to come off of this gripping, controlling, medically prescribed drug. Only to go back on. The come down and withdrawal were too much. Now I understand. About a month ago, I first tried to stop taking the Suboxone Strips. Within hours, I was hit with waves of chills and anxiety so devastating, I was balled up on the floor. I cried uncontrollably. It's the scariest feeling. I felt weak and less than a woman.

Further effects of the Suboxone medication: it lulled me into sleeping all day and feeling good. I lost friendships outside because I could not manage to answer their emails. I'm so mad at myself. It took such a toll on my personal life.

Today is the first day I've woken feeling normal. I felt validated after speaking with my peers and hearing their stories while I was in such a painful withdrawal stage. Many of them told me they'd gone without 2-3 days and couldn't take it anymore. Wow! That's why this is something you need to know about. The public needs to know. I admit to asking for the medication. No BS from me. The last CIW lockdown was too much. It was the beginning of 2021. I was never given full disclosure as to what to expect when coming off of the meds. Truthfully, I likely would have taken it anyway, But I'd I wouldn't have felt so blindsided had I known from the beginning. CIW has many other women on suboxone. We have a central med line. I see what looks like every other woman taking these strips. I know they do not want to be controlled by this medication. Just as I don't.

My reason for urgently stopping the med. College classes. Suboxone made it impossible for me to learn. Now, I'm back baby. See you next week...

Your Convict Columnist


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