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Inside OnlyFans Podcast Set To Launch With Creator & Producer Max Amini Joining CJ Sparxx and Kayla Lauren

Podcast Already Has Millions Of Fans!

Charismatic comedian and all round entertainer, Max Amini is known for his tireless energy, quick wit and has established himself as one of the world's leading stand up comedians. A self confessed workaholic, Amini is a clean living, healthy eating, none drinking lover of fitness. He needs to be! He is always on the go! Amini is always working, creating new projects and he is about to launch his new project- a fresh, sexy and exciting podcast called 'Inside OnlyFans' - produced and created by Amini. The podcast is set to have it's red carpet launch in Los Angeles this week at the Hollywood hotspot No Vacancy; where celebrities, leading influencers and fans can mingle with Amini and his two stunning hosts CJ Sparxx and Kayla Lauren. (It doesn't get any prettier, trust me.)

The much anticipated podcast is set to be released on October 27th and will be dropping new episodes every Wednesday. Fans can get to binge the episodes in video format on

Stunningly gorgeous hosts, CJ Sparxx and Kayla Lauren guarantee a huge audience, both of them have hit the astounding one million loyal followers on Instagram. Amini also has a cool half a million himself- and he is wearing considerably more clothes!

The 'Inside OnlyFans' two female hosts and their guests will cover many traditionally taboo topics with their open and honest dialogue, with a goal and dedication to empowering women. They will be discussing industry stereotypes and addressing the daily misconceptions whilst keeping the podcast hilarious and heartfelt. Amini also co-hosts and joins the ladies at the end of each show in a segment, wittily called 'Pod Daddy'.

Amini is a perfectionist and has already had huge success with his standup-up, he sells out theaters worldwide and is currently on tour. He is a director, producer and accomplished writer, movie fans will get to see his debut feature movie 'James The Second' which is set for release this year. The movie will be released through Amini's thriving company, Abstraction Media.

Amini always has his finger on the pulse on current trends and realized the potential and fascination with OnlyFans. "People are quick to judge OnlyFans models, this is an opportunity and fun platform to show there is so much more to these ladies, they are smart, honest and it's going to be a hoot!" Said Amini.

CJ Sparxx agrees with Amini, "We are so excited, people say and tell me their deepest and darkest secrets and I love it!"

The podcast is set to quickly establish itself as a front runner with its exciting and honest approach to today's culture. "We are also donating a portion of the podcast revenue to women's advocacy groups and organizations supporting survivors of trafficking groups, we want to give back to the community." Said Kayla.

This trio of talent has certainly covered their bases, get ready for it- 'Inside OnlyFans' is about to become your new binge worthy guilty pastime. And we cannot wait.

To catch Amini on his current tour check out http://www.MaxAmini.Com - he is set to perform October 23rd and 24th at the Wilshire Ebell theater, text inquiries to 323-849-0031.

To quote Amini "If the grass is greener on the other side, then you should probably start watering your yard!"

One thing is for sure, Amini is the constant gardener, bringing new ways to entertain his audience and always delivering it with an intelligent punchline!


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