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Black Female Prison Staffer Victim Of Racially Motivated Job Loss

She's black. She's a former prisoner. She's talented. She's genuine. Now, Just like that, she's gone.

As Dr. Phil says, "People with nothing to hide, HIDE NOTHING."

I'm beside myself to share this story with you. It hit me hard. Like a ton of bricks. See, I'm currently enrolled in the prison's drug treatment program. We had one woman among the program whom was divinely gifted with people. She's black. She's a former prisoner. She's talented with working within the prison. She's genuine.

Now, Just like that, she's gone. Transferred to another prison.

Why, you ask?

Two female prisoners in one of the PM drug class sessions had been making complaints about her. "Beefing with her." Now, I've been down in prison 17 years. I know how things work within my world here. Normally, if a prisoner "Fears" or has a "Conflict" with a staff member, that prisoner will be sent to ad-seg, then transferred. Staff are never, EVER relocated over prisoners. That's not how this works. There's B. S. in the air. The other drug treatment staff are pretending not to know what happened? Well, I have sources, who gave me the rundown on behind-the-scenes details. I'm hurt for her and for those of us who loved and benefited from her work within these walls.

So, I did my own investigation on this matter because my heart is in this. This woman was key to my growth and many of us are hurting over this. Just an arbitrary, unfair decision made by a majority Latino staff. Staff who did not stick up for her. Had this woman been Latino, she would not have been transferred. She had no support. I'm disgusted. I'm angry. I'm hurt. I'm confused. I'm reevaluating my pursuit of the 12 steps and my recovery. This shook a lot of us hard. This woman was loved by many of us. This cuts deep. I know in my heart, the only reason this went the way it went is she was the only black supervisor in this program. She's a former prisoner who's come a long way.

Now this happens? I call B.S. The woman who made this executive decision is a coward. She knows who she is.

Now I pick up my pieces and my days are harder. Good people never seem to last in my life. I'm in pain. I feel alone. This woman cared about me and the others! I don't usually allow myself to truly like any staff member. This is a special person. She's blessing to all she encounters. This is so wrong! I'm grieving her loss from my recovery journey. I'll be strong. But this is not okay. Not by far. Race had plenty to do with it. My eyes are wide open. I watch everything in this place. This was a foul move. By a foul person with executive decision making power within this prison. God sees all. Vengeance is his. Remember, WHAT'S DONE IN THE DARK WILL COME

TO LIGHT! Always...Stay tuned.


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