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Republican Glenn Youngkin Upsets Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia Governor's Race

With 91% of precincts reporting, the Republican is up by 51.7% to 47.6%. "Parents should not be teaching schools what to teach" doesn't sell in VA.

It appears that Republican Glenn Youngkin will pull off an upset victory over Democrat Incumbent Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

In Virginia, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, is trailing Glenn Youngkin, a Republican who is expected to speak soon. Eric Adams is New York City's next mayor. Voters rejected a measure to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a public health agency. Minneapolis is the San Francisco of the Midwest, where the "Defund the Police" movement started.

Transgender rights and critical race theory in schools were important factors in the race. McAuliffe made a major miscalculation in a speech ten days ago, saying "Parents should not be teaching schools what to teach" appears to have gone over like a lead balloon. Voters have rejected educational union control of schools.

Melissa Tate @TheRightMelissa tweeted: "Issues voters care about:-education-inflation -shortages -illegal immigration -medical freedom

Things Democrats scream about 24/7 & voters don’t care about: -“Orange man bad” -racism, racism, racism -Jan 6 “insurrection” #Wokelash #VAElections2021

In New Jersey, the Democrat candidate is leading his Republican upstart rival by half a percentage point. There are an unknown number of mail in ballots yet to be counted.


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