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Fire Main Breaks in front of Santa Monica Pier Friday as Water Shoots 80 feet into the air. Video of Geyser.

Gusher in front of 20th century landmark snarls traffic and stops crowds of pedestrians

The Santa Monica fire department struggled to control a fire main break in front of the 100 year old Santa Monica pier on Friday afternoon, November 12. Water gushed 100 feet into the air in front of the historic pier arch, the traditional end to Route 66.

Shahrare stopped to watch it and muttered "amazing," as she held her bulldog.

A fireman on scene said they were searching for the shut off valve, and had no time estimate for how long it would take to shut off the breach. Water gushed into the sky for at least an hour following the 1145 mishap.

"Fire Mains do break and plumbing needs repair periodically," said City Councilmember Phil Brock. "However, as a city it is important that our infrastructure is kept in top shape. From electricity to sewers to water mains and more it has to be a top priority of our city government. Infrastructure comes before adding more density to Santa Monica."


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