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Correctional Officer Shortages at California Institute for Women's Prison

Prisoners are being moved closer together during a Covid outbreak due to a shortage of correctional officers

As of Friday, Novemeber 19th, we have a newly discovered Covid-19 case. That respective housing unit is locked down. However, we do have officer shortages. So, desperate times caused CDCR Headquarters to give CIW the official directive to close housing units. Three housing Units. Now, normally, during Covid-19 outbreaks, no prisoner movement would occur, as medical protocols override everything until all prisoners are tested and results come back negative. Not this time. Inmates are being moved without Covid-19 testing following this outbreak.

When the number of correctional officers on the yard falls below a specific number, things begin to change. Between the woke hate movement towards cops causing record early retirements, fear of the bogus woke California vaccine mandate, and the holidays coming when things are open for the first time in almost 2 years, well, it's a disaster. CDCR saw this coming. They should have initiated an aggressive recruitment campaign over 18 months ago. However, CDCR takes much pride in being reactive, not proactive. And they do it well.

Three whole housing units, each building with 120 beds, are closing by November 30th. Prisoners are being compacted together while there is an active Covid-19 outbreak in the population. This compaction of prisoners has caused stress, anxiety and chaos on the yard.

Officer shortages can cause lockdowns for security. The CDCR Academy has a lower number of new officers enriolling and graduating. In January, 2022, we do expect to receive at least six new officers from the academy. Thank God. New officers are a pain in the behind to deal with. But we need them badly right now. The officers from the units that are closed will be redirected to the yard and where they are needed. This unit closure is the first I've ever seen or heard of in my 17 years down. And I've seen a lot in my years. So, this is a new card they're playing.


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