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Christmas Caroling Planned for the Montana Ave Holiday Art Walk and at Edgemar, on Two Weekends

December 4th AND 11th 2021, Two Public Gigs for Local Group - the Off Their Jingle Bell Rockers!

Local group...the Off Their Jingle Bell Rockers will be performing once again at the Montana Avenue Holiday Walk on Saturday, December 4th, 2021 from 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. The Rockers will also be performing again at The Main Street Holiday Extravaganza, Saturday December 11th 2021 from 6:00p.m. at Edgemar Place - at the famous shopping cart Christmas tree created by designed by Santa Monica artist Anthony Schmitt. The annual event runs from 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. begins with a tree lighting at Ocean Park and Main, followed by a candlelight walk to the Shopping Cart Christmas Tree at Edgemar Place (by Ben & Jerry's and Peet's Coffee, 90401), where The Jingle Bell Rockers will sing a set, before they move on down the street to spread holiday cheer.

The Jingle Bell Rockers have become a holiday tradition throughout the Los Angeles area for their cheerful, quirky brand of Christmas caroling. The six person group has been working together for over twelve years and include Catherine Allison, Rory Johnston, Kathy Leonardo, Jon Preston, Mikal Sandoval and Suzy Williams.

The Jingle Bell Rockers are a fun-filled family friendly group, available for hire at private parties, corporate events, holiday street festivals, art openings...etc. Costumed in bright wacky attire, adorned with feather boas, wigs and eye catching seasonal accessories, the Rockers truly know how to put on a show, on stage or as a strolling act.

This flamboyant, zany group performs exuberant renditions of classic non religious carols as well as their spicy made to order (just for the designated gig) originals that include all holidays.

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