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South Carolina is the Most Wedding Obsessed State, with Folks in SC Googling wedding items More than in Other States

Indiana and New York tied for second; Louisiana in in fourth. Vermont came in 50th among 50 U.S. States

A new study by wedding photography experts Printique analyzed 26 essential factors in a wedding based on how much they are Googled in each U.S state, from wedding dresses and honeymoon to seating plans and best man speeches.

The study found that South Carolina is the most wedding-obsessed state with an average wedding search score of 65.9. The state scored highly in multiple categories, all of which are measured out of 100, including 93 for "wedding band", 89 for "wedding dresses" and recorded America's highest level of interest in "save the date cards", with a maximum score of 100 on Google Trends. Conversely, "wedding dinner place names" is South Carolina's least searched wedding item compared to other states, with a score of 20.

Indiana and New York are in joint second with an average of 62.2. The most searched for wedding essential for Indiana is a wedding tux with a score of 100, while the state also registers some of the nation's highest levels of interest in honeymoons and wedding rings. In contrast wedding table decorations are least searched for with a score of 21.

New York has the highest ratio of searches for "wedding accessories" compared to other states, with a score of 100, alongside high search levels for wedding dresses and wedding invitations. NY's least searched wedding essential compared to other states is the seating plan, which receives a score of 23.

Ranked fourth is Louisiana with an average wedding obsession score of 61. Wedding cake is searched more in the Pelican State than any other, receiving a score of 100, while it ranks second for search interest in bridesmaid dresses. The lowest search score in Louisiana is 22 for wedding table decorations.

Most wedding obsessed states, in order: 1 South Carolina, 65.9. 2, Indiana, 62.2. 3. New York, 62.2. 4. Louisiana, 61. 5, Missouri, 60.3

6. Pennsylvania, 59.8. 7. Tennessee, 59.4. 8. Kansas, 59.1. 9. Ohio, 58.8. 10. Kentucky, 58.6

Missouri is ranked fifth with a score of 60.3, including low levels of interest in wedding table decorations, which had a search score of 23, while one of the state's most searched wedding essentials is wedding venues, scoring a 94.

Pennsylvania comes in sixth with an average of 59.8 and wedding dresses being the most searched for with a score of 97, and seating plan being the least searched for with a score of 9.

Food tasting and wedding venues are being searched more in Tennessee than any other state, helping it rank seventh with an average of 59.4.

Kansas is searching for wedding caterers and wedding photographers the most with the highest possible search score of 100 for both categories. Kansas has an overall score of 59.1 which puts it in eighth place for wedding obsession.

Ohio is ranked ninth in the list with an average of 58.8, while Kentucky is America's tenth most wedding-obsessed state with a score of 58.6.

Wyoming ranks as America's least wedding obsessed state, with an overall search score of just 27.5. The state only registers a score in just half of the 26 wedding search terms that were measured, with a high score of 97 for wedding cake. The study found zero data for searches of terms such as wedding decorations, tuxedos, best man speech, or wedding seating plans.

Vermont came in 50th out of the states and Washington DC, and only registered search interest for 14 of the terms that were analysed, leading to an overall score of 29.2.

Hawaii placed in 49th, and Alaska 48th, although "the Last Frontier" did register the highest levels of searches in "wedding dinner place names" compared to all the other states.

A spokesperson for Printique commented on the study: "Weddings take a huge amount of planning, and couples want to be sure that every last detail is perfect, from the food to the photographer. Lots of images live on social media, but the truly special ones will be printed, which is why it's worth focusing on all the key elements of a wedding. It's fascinating to see which states are most interested in different parts of a wedding, and with the pandemic disrupting so many people's plans, we can expect to see people making the most of the opportunity to celebrate their marriage in 2022."

This study was conducted by Printique which is the go-to source for the highest-quality printing, preserving, and transforming of photographs, offering first class printing and hundreds of creative options.


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