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In-Prison Program Brings Rescue Kittens For Female Inmates

Many of the staff have adopted the kittens socialized by inmates

It's called "PURR." For Pawsitively United Rescue And Release Program. Rescued Kittens are brought into the prison and placed with women as part of this program. They are fed and nursed until they grow and thrive. They're socialized with the women here in the prison as they wait to be adopted out. Many of the CIW's own staff take home these kittens from this program to adopt for their own.

There is plenty of wildlife roaming here on the CIW prison grounds. Sometimes a bird falls out of a nest. When the bird is found, a woman from the PURR Program is allowed to take it in and feed and nurture it back to health. This happens a lot. Baby bunnies, gophers, squirrels, etc. So, it's a program with good intent.

The PURR program provides the cat litter, food and all supplies needed to care for these animals. From toys, the cat carriers, blankets and treats. All these items go into the inmate caregiver's cell with the 2 women to live.

The current chair of the program, and others on the executive body of the program, are unscrupulous women. Due to my still being in prison, I can't say all of what I'd like to say. That's just the reality. The chairperson is only using the program to advance and conceal herself while maneuvering and doing wrong. It's brilliant. Such a trusted program provides the cover of doing something good while also allowing all this to go unchecked. I look at all angles of this. This just is not that important when it comes to Covid-19 issues and the short staffing lately. To them, who gives a ****. When you need answers, listen to the actions speak, and you'll see the writing on the wall with clarity.


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