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Mash Gallery Announce À GOGO II To Debut At The W Hotel In Conjunction With Frieze LA

Mash Gallery promised to produce a larger scale show and Mashian, in her typical fashion, has delivered just that


January 16, 2022

Renowned artist Haleh Mashian.

Haleh Mashian, a prolific painter and owner of MASH Gallery is set to return for her second groundbreaking exhibit at the W Hotel Hollywood in conjunction with Frieze LA. The À GOGO II exhibit will debut on Thursday Feb 17th, 2022 at the exclusive W Hotel, an invite only red carpet affair.

The much anticipated exhibit is a continuation of Mashian's outstanding show in 2020 which had record attendance and received critical acclaim. Mashian has been climbing the curatorial ladder with increasingly exciting and innovative exhibitions securing her place as a creative force in the Los Angeles art community as an artist and philanthropist. Mashian, an accomplished artist herself, also has a unique talent for inviting established artists as well as discovering new and emerging artists.

Mashian previously produced and exhibited À GOGO in 2020 at the W Hotel and also at the impressive downtown Mash Gallery located in the Arts District. Although the 2021 exhibit was postponed due to the pandemic, Mashian put her typical positive spin on things and used this time to seek out and work with special unique artists. Mash Gallery promised to produce a larger scale show and Mashian, in her typical fashion, has delivered just that. Two years of precise dedication and commitment have paid off to ensure the 2022 exhibit will be a stunning and memorable experience for all artists, art lovers and the creative Los Angeles community. This is not to be missed.

À GOGO II will consist of a collection of unique works from local, national and international artists referring to an extensive array of their technique, visual strength, language, and culture. The viewers are invited to new ways of exploring abstraction through a variety of mediums.The talented artists will come together to create a cohesive yet dissonant exhibition where each painting stands alone and yet lends itself to be part of a full orchestration. The simplicity meets the unconventional palette, values, and visual color contrast which excites the eye and evokes imagination, involvement, and certain moods. This assertively dynamic, raw, edgy and uplifting exhibition will explode into a visual ecstasy. =

Mashian is extremely supportive of all talented artists and this is evident in everything she does creatively. Her passion and commitment to her gallery and supporting her fellow artists is second to none. "Color is life and life is color. Every chakra has a color. As if nature constantly reminds us that our divinity is intertwined with colors. To live life fully is to embrace all the nuances that color brings to our daily lives." Said Mashian.

Join us for the opening reception and experience the high energy of this exhibition. RSVP Now on Eventbrite!

Santa Monica artist Haleh Mashian

Featured Artists for À GOGO II : Sarah Bereza, Isabell Beyel, William Dutterer, Carrie Fell, Marko Gavrilovic, Maggi Hodge, Terry Hoff, Raphael Laventure, Trew Love, Haleh Mashian, Cisco Merel, Okuda San Miguel, John Monn, Rachel Nelson, Kenny Nguyen, Moises Ortiz, Aman Sherkarchi, LeRone Wilson.

For more detailed information on the featured artists please visit http://www.MASHGALLERY.COM


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