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California's Women Inmates Locked Down Since Christmas Eve

Covid-19 Lockdown Messes With The Mind - Bricks Amplify Ones Negative Emotions

On the 9th, all prisons in California will began 2 week modified program (lockdown), even though this prison, CIW, is already on quarantine due to Covid-19. Who's calling the shots?

This Department Operations Center is "made up of doctors and experts" who monitor Covid-19 at each prison and the state prison system as a whole. This command center remotely make decisions about what to do next, hence the arrival of the N95 masks. Last night we, all prisoners, were all given 2 surgical masks and one N95 mask. We will receive new masks each week.

To be clear, no more cloth masks are allowed for staff or prisoners. Staff must wear N95's at all times. Now money is spent prisoner's masks for the first time!? This CDCR Covid-19 Departmental Operations Center ordered it so. They are the brains behind this 2 week lockdown, to slow the spread. No lockdown can stop or limit the amount of staff infected with Covid-19. Or stop them from passing Covid-19 to us prisoners.

The only thing this lockdown will cause is state prisoners' further suffering. This arbitrary decision will stop in-person and overnight family visiting. Prisoners canteen and packages are backed up. Good time credits earned by paericipation in self-help and education classes remain suspended while we're " stopping the spread." Not to mention NO drug treatment. No Narcotics Antonymous fellowship weekly meetings, both of which I'm actively involved in. I want and need these!!

Nope. No recovery for state prisoners, for now. While we endure the mental strain of being locked in our cells? Trust me, if you can even imagine, being locked in since Christmas Eve!! The bricks serve to amplify one's negative emotions. Your head begins to play tricks on you. You have tension in your chest and all over your body. It. Is. Miserable. Especially for such an extended period. Our meals and medications are brought to out cell doors. Our lives are reduced to only a 10x10 foot space. I have excellent coping skills. But I'm human and this is hard.

Covid-19 to staff shortages, they keep leap frogging over each other as the current reason we we're locked in. We get almost the same treatment for either of the above named reasons when they lock us in. It's maddening. My TIME here is almost over. That's the only reason I'm able to endure and keep going...


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