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"Aggressive Hostility?" Boo-hoo-boo, Mayor Himmelrich!

Mayor Sheds Crocodile Tears While Ruining Santa Monica Permanently for Residents: Letter from Santa Monica Voter

Mayor Sheds Crocodile Tears While Ruining Santa Monica Permanently for Residents: Letter from Santa Monica Voter

Boo-hoo-boo, Mayor Himmelrich. Cry me a river with your comments. If you and this City Council were doing your jobs for the people who voted for you, the citizens of Santa Monica would not be upset with your inadequate performance.

You close off Parking Structure 3 so no one can park there, especially on Wednesdays during the Farmer's Market. People can't go to the Promenade from that structure. They have to park a block over north or south in order to do their business.

You allow our City WiFi to be turned off, or from what I found out doing my own investigation, the bandwidth was lowered between 21st Street and 26th Streets on Ocean Park Boulevard as well as lowered the Montana Avenue area, and completely shut off in the Pico corridor area with no advance warning or reason from Mr. Cevetello of the information systems to the public. Some people are allowed free City WiFi and others who have been using it, as they should, for the last ten years are not allowed. Why do you you call it City WiFi if it is not for everyone?

You also refuse to open the Fairview branch library. It is our city taxes that pay for that service, yet you deny us accessibility even on a limited basis.

You and this City Council want to go ahead with tearing down the property on Ocean Park and Lincoln to build more "affordable housing." As if the city gridlock was not bad enough, you want to add to it, as well as more cars on the street adding to the pollution problem. And just wait until summer, the tourist season of the year.

Hypocrites, all of you!

Whitney Scott Bain


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ASHAMED writes:

Sue and the old regime are responsible for the deterioration of the cities quality of life in Santa Monica. Ms Himmelrich lives north of Montana where her family is not impacted by the negatives of the unban sprawl. Recently, I had a out of town visitor ask to go shopping at NORDSTROMS, I drove to the promenade and parked in the main structure adjacent to the mall. The impressions were, omg, it smells like urine, its so dirty, why are there so many homeless here, and the clincher, IS IT SAFE. That's the reaction from by out of town guests. I was ashamed to say this is my city.