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Captured Russian Soldiers Say They Were Told They Were Attending Military Exercises in Belarus, Not Invading Ukraine

Told they were going to military exercises in Belarus, soldiers say they suddenly found themselves transported South into Ukraine

By now, the Ukrainians have taken several hundred Russian prisoners of war, some of which have been released since Ukraine lacks facilities to hold prisoners. But before releasing them, the prisoners are interviewed.

One man said he is stationed in Nizhny Novgorod. He was told he was being deployed to military exercises in Belarus. At first, his unit was not even informed that they were being transported South into Ukraine. "One by One the, Ukrainian Army are taking Russia Army straight to prison. Each of them has its own story. Russian Army admits that he came to seizure Ukraine. Others were in training and "accidentally" came to Ukrainian land," said one Ukrainian army source on Twitter.

Most Ukrainians also understand Russian, which are somewhat similar Slavic languages.

In one twitter video, a young Russian soldier cries as Ukrainian residents of Sumy tell him that he is not welcome in their country.

The Russian army has encountered far more resistance in their ill considered military incursion into Ukrainian territory. Ukraine continues to hold all major population centers, and is beginning to receive offensive weapons even from initially reluctant allies like the US and Germany. Some are questioning the wisdom or even the sanity of Putin's decision to move his troops into Ukraine, which has now been fully independent from Russia since 1991.

One interesting question is why the Russian Air Force is nearly absent from the war theater. Are Russian Air Force generals refusing to participate? "Vastly outmatched by Russia's military, in terms of raw numbers and firepower, Ukraine's own air force is still flying and its air defenses are still deemed to be viable - a fact that is baffling military experts." writes Reuters.

"After the opening salvos of the war on Feb. 24, analysts expected the Russian military to try to immediately destroy Ukraine's air force and air defenses.

"That would have been "the logical and widely anticipated next step, as seen in almost every military conflict since 1938," wrote the RUSI think-tank in London, in an article called "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Russian Air Force."

"Instead, Ukrainian air force fighter jets are still carrying out low-level, defensive counter-air and ground-attack sorties. Russia is still flying through contested airspace."


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