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Farmer Steals Russian Tank With a Tractor; Soldier Runs After Him

"This is an Abbott and Costello War

Video has emerged of a Ukrainian farmer using his tractor to tow away a Russian Armored Personnel Carrier. In the video, which has a couple discussing the scene in the background while they laugh; a soldier runs after the tractor.

Needless to say the video garnered a lot of comments on social media. "That's going to make a heck of a story one day. "My dad stole this tank at the beginning of WW3", wrote Sly Bry.

"It is not a tank, by the way. Armored personnel carrier." pointed out Ahmet Muhsin.

I flipping love the resolve, mettle and stones the Ukrainians have." tweeted Sam AMC.

Some doubted that the video was real, or that we were understanding it correctly. "Chasing,without a weapon? Looks like the tank stoled the tractor in this vid..& he’s trying get his tractor 🚜 back?’ ! Are you sure about the facts you tweet? I hope your right but not likely in this vid..πŸ’«πŸ˜" Tweeted Campy Camp

"Well that tank was abandoned because it run out of fuel :)."


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