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Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows: Joy Reid and Tucker Carlson both say US Involvement in Ukraine War is Racist

It's hardly unusual that Joy Reid finds racism in everything, including a war between white people. But it becomes interesting when Tucker Carlson agrees with Joy Reid.

When Joy Reid and Tucker Carlson agree on something, people should take notice. Both agree that the US wants to get involved in Ukraine, rather than say, Yemen or Eritrea, because it is between white people. Both say no one would care if the war was between black and brown people.

"MSNBC's Joy Reid made no secret Monday about what she thinks is driving the world to pay such close attention to the devastating war in Ukraine: the fact that it's a European nation made up largely of White people and Christians," writes Brandon Gillespe of Fox News.

"The left-wing host's suggestion, first reported by NewsBusters, came during the closing segment of her show "The ReidOut," when she claimed there was a "radical disparity" in how Western media was portraying suffering Ukrainians as more "human" compared to their "Browner and Blacker counterparts" embroiled in other conflicts across the globe."

Like other personalities on MSNBC, Reid is known for finding racism in anything, including a war between two groups of white people. That's not especially interesting. But it becomes interesting when Fox News conservative host Tucker Carlson says very nearly the same thing.

On the same day, March 7th, Carlson said that the US had avoided involvement in the war in Eritrea, where black people are killing other black people. Carlson said that US fighter planes were being used by the Saudi air force to bomb Houthi tribesmen in Yemen. "And no one here cares," he said. Yet when there's a war in Ukraine, our involvement is irresistible. "Why is that? Said Carlson."is it because those wars involve black and brown people?" Carlson said almost word for word what Joy Reid said.

"How many people have died in the war in Ethiopia? How many women have been raped and intentionally infected with HIV/AIDS? We don't know because no one in the media cares to keep track of it. Hundreds of thousands of people have died during the war in Yemen. But who cares; that's Yemen. All of us are made in the image of God, and are equal in His eyes. We should care what happens to them.

What's the point? Well, the far right and the far left are often surprisingly close together.


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