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Ukraine Navy Destroys Russian Landing Ship in Berdyansk Harbor, Occupied Ukraine

The Russians claim to have secured the port of Ukrainian port of Berdyansk

Update 3.27 Wall it was initially reported that the Orsk had been sunk, it was in factor sistership Saratov that was hit. “At 7:45 AM, a Tochka-U SRBM was fired towards the landing ships Saratov, Tsesar Kunikov, and Novocherkassk. To avoid an explosion, Saratov sunk at a depth of 5 meters. Kunikov and Novercherkassk left port damaged. 8 killed on Kunikov and 3 killed and 3 injured.”

3.24.22: In another significant development in the Russia Ukraine war, the Ukrainian Navy claims to have destroyed a Russian landing ship filled with ammunition in occupied Berdyansk harbor. They posted a vide on facebook, showing the Orsk on fire, with explosions going off.

"In the port of Berdyanks captured by the Russian Federation, the large landing ship Orsk of the invaders Black Sea fleet was destroyed" tweeted one local journalist.

The Ukrainians said 3 weeks ago that they had sunk three Russian patrol boats. The Russians claim to have secured the port of Berdyansk. They were in fact so sure of it, that they had a Russian TV personality visit Berdyansk 2 days ago. He broadcast there "from demilitarized Berdyansk."

Also 4 days ago, Russian tugboats removed 5 barges filled with Ukrainian grain.

"Russian landing ship Orsk is now to meet Sponge Bob in the Berdyansk harbor," tweeted Ukrainian war journalist Illia Ponomarenko.

At 3400 tons, the Orsk was an Tapir class landing ship. She was 370 feet in length; the length of a frigate. She could carry 1000 tons of cargo, or 300–425 troops and 20 tanks or 40 AFVs. This in addition to a crew of 55. It is uncertain how many people were aboard when she was hit. Her maximum speed was 18 knots. There were 14 ships in the Project 1171 or Tapir-class of ships.


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