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DarkPulse Presents Comedians And Progress Humanity Against World Conflict At The Comedy Store

Renowned tech entrepreneur Dennis O'Leary will be attending the event, flying in especially from Egypt

Sunday 27th March is Oscar day but it's not the only big event in Hollywood. 'DarkPulse Presents Comedians And Progress Humanity Against World Conflict' is also a much sought after ticket this weekend!

Headlining comedians have come together to put on a show at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd., to raise funds and awareness for 501c3 charity Progress Humanity and the event is sponsored by world class tech company DarkPulse.

Founder of Progress Humanity Cassandra Campbell said, "We are truly grateful to this talented lineup for supporting the charity and excited to share a wonderful evening with our friends, family and supporters."

Renowned tech entrepreneur Dennis O'Leary will be attending the event, flying in especially from Egypt where his company is providing their groundbreaking technology to build smart cities, having recently launched the world's first intelligent bridge in Sacramento. DarkPulse has turned its attention to building the first intelligent highway where EV's will be able to charge while driving- eliminating the need to stop in order to charge.

O'Leary said, "Supporting a charity dedicated to the wellbeing of others is well - smart. Plus, laughter is the best medicine and we need a big dose of that, who could ask for more?"

The stellar lineup consist of SNL legend Darrell Hammond, actor and comedian Tom Arnold, Dean Delray (fresh from opening for Metallica at their sold out stadium show), British import (host) Christine Peake, Emmy winning Gary Robinson and the hilarious Chris Kidder.

Shin who is producing the Shindig show said, "I am very proud and excited for the show, we should do everything we can to support charities and particularly the Ukraine. We also have quite a few Veterans in the audience whom we donated tickets to, thanks to our generous sponsor DarkPulse. We all need a little laughter right now, that's for sure!"

Actress Serah Henesey - currently garnering rave reviews for her thriller movie "The Surprise Visit" (which she stars in and Produced on Amazon Prime co-starring Eric Roberts and Fear Street star Jacqi Vene,) will be hosting the red carpet interviews for Project Humanity.

"I am proud to be a part of this exciting and charitable show with these big hearted comedians, at times like these we must all do our part to help and support charities and get aid to the countries that need it. We all need a little laughter in our lives."

So true.

To buy tickets and support go to


DarkPulse is more than a technology company. In addition to extensive work on the manufacture, sale, installation, and monitoring of laser sensing systems, the company is focused on expanding its services and partnerships to address global infrastructure and critical resource challenges.

Based in New York, DarkPulse develops, markets, and distributes a suite of engineering, installation, and security management solutions to industries and governments on an international level.

Dennis O'Leary

Mr. O'Leary is a serial entrepreneur with significant international experience having founded Sulu Electric Power and Light Corp (Philippines), a firm with expertise in utility scale power generation and solar energy. He is the co-founder and Chairman of DarkPulse Technologies Inc., a firm developing specialized devices that monitor activities along national borders and provide structural health and safety monitoring of oil and gas pipelines. He holds extensive start-up experience including multiple exit strategies. Mr. O'Leary is an Ambassador for the Province of New Brunswick, Canada, and a Research Member of the NATO Science and Technology Organization. He served as a member of the Board at Arizona State University's School of Engineering, Global Resolve as Chair of the Impact Committee. His previous employment includes the NYPD where he worked as a member of the Manhattan North Tactical Narcotics Team, which prosecuted establishments involved in the illegal distribution of narcotics. He was a member of a joint taskforce working with the DEA and USINS in the execution of warrants related to narcotics trafficking. While at the NYPD, he was assigned to the Department of Justice as a member of the FBI's investigative team with internal designation C14. He is a licensed private pilot with turbine experience.

Progress Humanity

Founded by Cassandra Campbell, Progress Humanity is a very important 501c3 particularly in today's climate. The mission is to prevent violent conflict and encourage inclusive economic development across the globe. Progress Humanity creates culturally integrative, international communications campaigns, local economic development "LED" and other programs by leading political scientists and analysts.


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