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Did a Female Member of Parliament pull a "Basic Instinct" move on British PM Boris Johnson to Distract Him? One Tory MP Thinks So.

"Comely" Member of Parliament Sat Above British PM, and "Flashed the Gash" on Millions of British TV Screen

Seriously, why can't we have the kinds of silly sex scandals Britain has? They're much more interesting.

Angela Rayner is a Member of Parliament from the British Labour Party. She was sitting West of the Speaker of the House of Commons, in her assigned seat. She's said to have worn a revealing dress and pulled off the same ploy that Sharon Stone did 30 years ago in the movie "Basic Instinct." She crossed and uncrossed her legs.

"Tories accuse Labour's Angela Rayner of Basic Instinct ploy to distract Boris Johnson," read the British headlines. And voila, you have a scandal much more interesting than say, January 6th or Biden is Senile. This from the London Daily Mail:

Boris Johnson lashed out at the Tory who likened Angela Rayner to Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct today, saying whoever was behind the 'sexist, misogynist tripe' would suffer 'the terrors of the earth' if identified.

The Prime Minister lashed out amid controversy over the anonymous Conservative backbencher who accused Labour's deputy leader of putting the PM off at Prime Minister's Questions by crossing and uncrossing her legs.

A Conservative MP suggested Ms Rayner likes to distract the Prime Minister when he is at the despatch box by deploying a Parliamentary equivalent of Sharon Stone's infamous police interview scene in the 1992 erotic thriller.

Angela Rayner, 42, is a British politician serving as Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, and Shadow Secretary of State for the Future of Work since 2021 and Shadow First Secretary of State, Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party since 2020, says Wikipedia.


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