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Armed Robbery at Ocean Avenue and Washington Avenue in Santa Monica

Victim was parked and talking on his cell phone when he was held at gunpoint

April 28, 2022 - A Nextdoor user posted this morning that his friend was robbed at gunpoint at Ocean Avenue and Washington Avenue in Santa Monica at approximately 1:00 am yesterday morning. According to the posting individual, the male victim was standing outside his car talking on his cell phone when the assailants rolled up in a car, jumped out, and pulled a gun on him. Cash and his cell phone were taken in the armed robbery.

Comments on Nextdoor regarding the armed assault were dismayed and angry but not surprised.

"It's as if we're left to defend ourselves," said one individual.

Another advised applying for a Concealed Carry Weapon permit, noting that this only requires the county sheriff's approval and cannot be vetoed by the Santa Monica city officials.

"1 am to late to be out alone in SM," said one commenter.

"1 pm is too late," countered another.

"Police and City Council nowhere to be found," remarked another.

Several Nextdoor users commented that allowing the homeless to camp out in Santa Monica creates a dangerous situation. "Criminals can blend in with the vagrants," one user wrote. "That is the purpose of 'no vagrancy, no street camping."

Some called for more policing. "I want police on foot patrol for all three shifts - I want the homeless told not to loiter to move along to the homeless shelter... People are committing crimes against the community without consequences -- Enough! Get them out! Or let's vote them out!"


Reader Comments(2)

PeterD writes:

Washington Ave at Ocean is definitely in SM. Washington Ave runs between Idaho & California all the way to Ocean. You might be thinking of Washington Blvd vs. Avenue.

Jmdarri writes:

Ocean/Washington intersection is NOT in Santa Monica.