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Johnny Depp Promised Amber Heard She Would Never See His Eyes Again, for Accusing Him of Domestic Violence

Amber shows a photo of a bruise to her arm after Depp allegedly hit her several times.

The civil trial of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard et al, resumed in a Virginia court room Monday morning. Heard was on the witness stand, being cross examined by Johnny Depp's lawyer, Kathleen Zellner.

Atty: Mr. Depp promised you would never see his eyes again, isn't that right Ms. Heard? Yes I believe he said that. And this is after you accused him of domestic violence, isn't it.

JD: After all the shit you accused me of you wanted me to touch you?

AH: I just want you to hug me!

JD: No because I'm nothing to you, I'll always mean nothing to you. Don't take my fucking glasses off. You will not see my eyes again.

Atty: This is when you 2 met in a hotel in San Francisco in July of 2016, after you got a temporary restraining order against Johnny, right?

AH: Yes. After you

Atty: You will not see his eyes again, he promised and he has kept that promise hasn't he? Yes.

Let's play plaintiff's exhibit 3579.

AH: Tell the world Johnny! I Johnny Depp. I could never hurt Johnny. I know that he is suing me and has sued other people that have said he is a perpetrator of domestic violence.

Johnny wore big chunky rings. He hit you in the face with these rings, right?

(Amber shows a photo of a bruise to her arm after Depp allegedly hit her several times.)

Atty: Another photo shows Heard and Depp in Russia in 2013 for Lone Ranger premiere. "You testified that Depp hit you several times in the face while wearing big rings. Yet you have no bruises in this photo, is that correct?"

Atty: You haven't produced any evidence of Depp breaking your nose after the Met Gala, haven't you? In May of 2014. You also went to the All Star Comedy Tribute the next day, didn't you?"

Atty: This is a photo of you the night after he whacked you in the face so hard you broke your nose in 2014, right? Yes.

AH: Yes. I put ice on my nose to reduce the swelling, and wore make up. Your nose doesn't swell up as much as you might imagine it does.

This is you at the Mordechai premiere in Tokyo? And there are no marks on your back, on you? 1256, 1257, 1258 all admitted into evidence.

On re direct (her lawyer): The police were called in Dec. 2011, in 2012, in March 2013 by the landlord.

When you filed the Domestic violence temporary restraining order, how many acts of abuse did you tell them about? Two or three.

How many acts of physical abuse in the UK trial? 13 acts of physical abuse and 2 or 3 acts of sexual abuse.

When was the first time you were called on to provide an accounting? A few months ago, Feb 2022.


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