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Two American Servicemen Dead After Russian Attack in Donbas Region of Ukraine

This is the closest the United States and Russia have come to open warfare in decades

Update: “2 Americans, a Canadian and a Swedish citizen were killed July 18 when a Russian tank opened fire on them during an hourslong battle north of Siversk, their commander confirmed to me. The Americans killed were Luke Lucyszyn and Bryan Young.” Reports Christopher Miller, of Politico.

The US State Dept. has confirmed that two American servicemen fighting for Ukraine, have died in a Russian artillery attack in Eastern Ukraine. "Out of respect to the families of the deceased, we will release no further details at this time," the State Dept told ABC News, which also confirmed the loss.

"We can confirm the recent death of two US citizens in Donbas of Ukraine. We are in touch with the families and providing all possible consular assistance," - a State Dept. spokesman said Saturday.

It was not immediately clear whether the 2 dead Americans were among the 1,000 former US volunteers fighting for Ukraine, or if the deceased were part of a shadowy contingent of US trainers deployed to the war torn country. Either way, this is the closest the United States and Russia have come to open warfare in decades.

"how is America in a war with Russia? When was this war declared? How many American soldiers are over there fighting against Russia? The rest of the world is sending firepower to Ukraine as well, so are you suggesting we're in the 3rd World War by your metrics?" asked another armchair commentator.


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