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Medly Pharmacy Replaces Pharmaca On Montana, As the Duck Blind Liquor Store Becomes Bottled Poetry in Santa Monica's 90402

Changes on Montana Avenue as 2 years of Covid seem to be wrapping up.

7.19.22: Walking down Montana Avenue reveals post covid retail moving in. Actually, Montana Avenue has notoriously high retail rents, and stores move out and move in as time passes. But the changes this summer have been unusually dramatic.

Pharmaca's location at Lincoln and Montana Avenue is now Medly Pharmacy. "Medly is a Brooklyn-based chain that over the last several years, has opened many locations on the East Coast," explained Manager Jay Wadsworth. "They opened our place last month, one in Tampa yesterday. Medly emphasizes homeopathic department but they're interested in retail as well. The products we have here we thought would be a good combination. You have a pharmacy as well as a retail department, which remains. So we'll have both going forward."

The four or five staff members include people who previously worked for Pharmaca and Patton's Pharmacy, Wadsworth said.

If drugs are not your thing today, then you can proceed to Bottled Poetry, which has replaced the Duck Blind Liquor Store. Dmitry says they have a selection of organic wines and upscale products. The flooring is entirely new, which is a nice upgrade--the old place was kind of like a wine cellar atmosphere. Anyway, Bottled Poetry on Montana and 11th Street is well worth a visit.


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