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Apparent Mass Shooting Said to be Gang Related at Peck Park in San Pedro, South of Los Angeles

Nine shooting victims including 2 deceased authorities said

The LAPD and others are reporting a mass shooting around 3 pm Sunday afternoon in San Pedro's Peck Park, directly South of downtown Los Angeles.

"Around 3:50 p.m. Harbor Division officers responded to 911 calls of a shooting with multiple victims at Peck Park. NOT an active shooter situation. PIO is en route. Unknown number or condition of victims at this time," tweeted LAPD HQ.

Early reports said there were several shooters with flak vests. Early reports of mass shootings almost always say there were several shooters with flak vests, however. "Multiple shooters fled wearing bulletproof clothing; Unconfirmed reports of fatalities now emerging" said early reports.

Two men were killed, one said to be a 30 year old named “Taz”. Another four men and three women were said to have been injured; among these, three were shot. The shooting was said to have been gang related.

"The Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News Digital that 3-4 people were shot at Peck Park in the San Pedro area of Los Angeles, California". Victims range in age from 24 to 54, police said.

The shooting is said to have broken out after a baseball game, near the exhibition. The baseball game had been organized between rival East LA gangs and was intended to ameliorate tensions between them.

A car show was then underway in the park. The car show was informal and not authorized by permit. Authorities said they were looking for the organizers of the car show, in order to give them a citation.


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UncleGavin writes:

So much for stricter gun laws. Oh, cRiMiNaLs DoN’t FoLlOW tHe LaW! Give us our guns to protect our family and ourselves!!