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Starbucks Reveals The Dark Future of Coffee in Santa Monica: No Seating, No Bathroom, No Cash Register, No Problem

Citing Security concerns, coffee giant opens a store that is little more than a kiosk on Santa Monica's beachy Main Street.

After a three year hiatus, Starbucks Coffee Inc has opened a location on Main Street in Santa Monica again. Main and Ashland, to be precise. It offers no seating, nothing to steal in the small lobby. Not even a cash register to rob. But it does offer the full menu of Starbucks products.

The store, which replaces the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf that moved out two years ago, has no seating. And you can't just walk in and order; you have to use the mobile app. (In the interest of disclosure, I use the Starbucks app every day, which means every tenth coffee is free for me).

Starbucks made national news when the coffee company closed its newly opened location just south of the Santa Monica Pier. "Our timing was off," said our inside source. "We opened right at the start of Covid in 2020. And there were too many incidents involving homeless people to leave it open. Tragic really," she said.

Starbucks founder and CEO Howard Schultz was caught on video camera recently saying that crime from homeless people and others, was forcing them to rethink their business. "Local municipalities and counties have let us down," he said. He said they had failed to provide security for Starbucks staff and customers, "which is our first priority."

“Starbucks screwed themselves and every other coffee shop/cafe a few years ago with their inept handling of the homeless situation, by declaring an open door policy and giving the local managers no authority to kick out problematic “customers”, one local woman posted to social media.

“Perfectly legit business model for many reasons. There are definitely people who just want to get their coffee and go. It may not be for every person on every coffee occasion but if you want coffee on the run it would work out well. Less waiting in line. I'm not too familiar with the space but I imagine it is smaller than most locations and can save money on a lease,” posted another.


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jonberg writes:

Yeah, I saw that Main St. Starbucks recently. People were coming in, confused, and employees were lamely trying to explain the model, which led to MORE confused looks! Starbucks made its name as a so-called third place, neither home, nor office, just a pleasant place to hang out, meet new friends or old friends, surf the net, etc. So it seems they're turning their back on that model, letting the vagrants and criminals win, letting them wag the dog so to speak; letting them dictate to the rest of us. That Coffee Bean patio was very popular and very pleasant, as was the Coffee Bean patio on Wilshire near 9th (now Randy's Donuts). Plus, their coffee was more reasonably priced compared to Starbucks. Might be time to sell Starbucks stock. The company has lost its way. I guess they'll take away the seating at the 7th and Montana store, too? Sad. Vagrants and druggies one, citizens, zero.