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Police Break Up Another Fight at Santa Monica High School Monday Sept. 19. Student hospitalized as a result of injuries.

A Samo student has been taken away in an ambulance as a result of an after school fight.

A fight on Monday September 19th apparently broke out among students at santa monica high school. Police were called, and a couple of fire engines were reportedly also present. After we posted this story, Public Information Officer Lt. Rudy Flores provided us with the following update.

"On September 19, 2022 at about 3:40 PM, Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) Officers responded to a report of a Fight in the 1800 block of alley 7 involving a small group of male juveniles."]

"Santa Monica Fire Department arrived to provide medical treatment to one of the minors. He was subsequently transported to a local hospital with cuts and abrasions to his face area. The minor was subsequently discharged and is recovering at home. The other individuals involved left before police arrived. No arrests have been made."

"This incident occurred OFF-campus, after school hours," Flores added. He said the SMPD had only been called to one other fight at or near SamoHi since school resumed after the summer break 4 weeks ago. Reports say that there have been several fights just off the SamoHi campus.

The fight reportedly took place in the alley between Lincoln Blvd and 7th Street, just north of Pico Blvd. "A kid was kicked in the head and bleeding. And ambulance came for him," posted one parent.

Fights on September 4th and August 27th resulted in several injuries to male students, purportedly by knives brought to school by students or perhaps recently suspended students.


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